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YN - October 08' Performance Quals Online

The October 08 EPQ's are required to be completed prior to be eligible for participation in the servicewide exam.

E-PME - Performance Quals Online

Yeoman Performance Qualification referenced instructions/manuals online

Knowing that not all desired instructions/manuals are as of yet available online from other sources, I'm attempting to close the gap a little by putting some online myself. I've been able to convert some of the more stable ones (those without constant changes occurring) into .pdf files. Acrobat Reader is need to access .pdf files. Click here for a free download version.

Warning !!  These instructions are only as good as their last revision date.  I don't always get the word on newly revised instructions/manuals.  If you find anything on this site that is outdated please let me know.  Also be on the lookout for any  ALCOAST, ALPERSCOM....etc, that effect any instruction.

Last Modified 1/12/2016