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Yeoman courses are available through the CG Institute, with the exception of the new YN2 online course, which all study material is available via CG Portal. 

YN3: Course Code 0376, Edition 1
YN2: Course Code 0276, Edition 2
YN1: Course Code 0176, Edition 1

Yeoman First Class Course

(Available via CG Portal)

YN1 Performance Qualification Guide

Pamphlet A - Pay and Personnel
Pamphlet B - Travel and Transportation

Yeoman Second Class Course

(Available via CG Portal)

YN2 Performance Qualification Guide
Lesson 1, Course Overview
Lesson 2, Administration
Lesson 3, Pay
Lesson 4, Personnel
Lesson 5, Travel and Transportation
Lesson 6, Reserves
Lesson 7, Course Completion

Yeoman Third Class Course

(Available via CG Portal)

YN3 Performance Qualification Guide ALCOAST 196/08
Pamphlet 37601 - Administrative Correspondence
Pamphlet 37602 - Pay Transactions Pamphlet 37603 - Dependency Data
Pamphlet 37604 - Personnel Records
Pamphlet 37605 - PCS Travel Orders
Pamphlet 37606 - End of Enlistment and Separation

Note: Re-write under construction using 10/08 quals. 
Note: Striker program suspended as of 01 Jan 2011.
Note: YN1 Online course to be released early 2011.

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