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IT LogoInformation Systems Technician Study Guide

  1. Study NOW!  Set up weekly training on all the material you are required to know for the test including EPME. It will be a good way for everyone to get familiar with the material and a way to have time to get some qualifications signed off. Do not wait until the last moment to start studying for the SWE.

  2. Have a suitable Coast Guard "approved" calculator.  Prior to the test, contact your Educations Services Officer/test proctor and ensure the calculator you plan to use is acceptable.

  3. Study the CORRECT materials. You are responsible for all the material listed in the IT Record of Performance Qualifications, CG-RPQ-IT.  Review all the qualifications up to and including the pay grade you are taking the test for.  Study the reference material that relates to the qualification. This is where ALL of the rating specific questions are from!  This isn't a trivia quiz, it’s real knowledge!  I continually get questions about where I get questions for the exams, well here's the secret. THE QUALS! Check the answers to all the questions in your self-made study guides. I know now that I studied wrong answers in my own self-made study guide.

  4. Don't forget the EPME.  When studying for the SWE remember you will also be tested on your knowledge of the military requirements within the EPME Manual.  You are responsible for all the EPME qualifications in the Study Guide up to the pay grade you are testing for.

  5. Bottom line.  The guidelines I have presented to you are only "suggestions".  Ultimately, you are responsible on how you best prepare yourself.

  6. Questions.  If you have any questions contact:

Contact the IT Rating Knowledge Manager

Blake S. Hadley , ITC, USCG
Coast Guard Training Center Petaluma
Juliet Nichols Bldg Rm 467
599 Tomales Rd.
Petaluma, CA  94952-5000
Tel: 707-765-7264
Fax: 707-765-7530

Last Modified 1/12/2016