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      The HS1 Course is out! It is required for the November 2007 SWE competition. I would advise ALL HS' to order one to see what is now "standard". It can also assist with training at your unit! So far, 13 people have taken the exam and only 1 has passed. It is an OPEN BOOK test!

       Folks, the courses are written in the required PQG (Performance Qualifications Guide) format. Other rates are familliar with this, but since we have not had courses in 11 years, it is new to us. I want to try to share what this new format means for all of us.   PLEASE read the following:

     Many may ask: "What is a PQG?" PQGs are training aids developed by the Coast Guard to provide instruction, guidance and structure to enlisted members striving to gain rating competency so they can advance to the next pay grade. The PQGs provide structure and guidelines for assigned Professional Development Supervisors (PDSs) who are mentoring/coaching members and signing off demonstrated mastery of Enlisted Performance Qualifications (EPQs). PQGs alsoprovide structure and guidelines to Education Services Officers who are charged with helping members enroll and complete rating-specific nonresident training.

If you are still wondering what or how is the PQG different from our previous nonresident courses, here's how. The PQG approach is focused on job performance and supervisory involvement. With the old nonresident course, the member wishing to advance would order the correspondence course needed for advancement and complete on his/her own time with little or no input from their supervisor. With the PQG approach, the member is assigned a PDS who will help them with the process and ensure that they are obtaining sufficient practice in performing the EPQ AND that they fully understand the actions and decisions required by EPQ performance. The bottom line, is the PQG is much more interactive for both the member and PDS which allows for standardization for the E-5 and E-6 professional development and advancement process.

PLEASE NOTE: You are NOT eligible to take your EOCT for HS2 or HS1 until the PQG is signed off by your PDS!!!

The HS2 Course is also now completed. It is required for the May 2008 SWE competition. The Emergency Interventions portion of the lesson is covered in an interactive CD-Rom. This CD was made for the CG by Brady and includes skill sheets from the National Registry. If you download your course from CG Central, PLEASE TAKE NOTE: You must still order the CD Rom from the Institute. It is NOT on CG Central because of the copywrite laws. Again, I would advise ALL members to order this course to keep up with what is now "standard" for our HS2's.

     The CD Rom requires your computer to have Apple QuickTime installed. Installment is included with the disc for your home computer, however, in order to have Apple QuickTime installed on your CG Workstation, you must put in a trouble ticket for installation request and get a waiver from your local ESU/ESD.

     Another important note about the HS2 Course: The Clinical Sickcall pamphlet has quiz scenarios included for you to talk over with your PDS/Physician. You need to have your supervisor contact me for the answers to these scenarios. This was done in order for us to track who has courses out. We will be sending surveys about the courses to you after 6 months time to see how you are doing with the course and to get some feedback.

     As always, please contact me with any questions about the courses. I will be more than happy to help you out!

Last Modified 1/12/2016