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I am trying to update this page to have all of the reference listed in the EPQ for our rate since taking over this position in September 07.  The list is far from complete and could use YOUR help as long as it is not classified material.  If you have any of the reference listed below in either Word, PDF or a URL, please send it to me at ET RKM


I've assembled a list of links to manuals that are referenced by the EPQ for ETs of all pay grades.  You might want to look at these especially if you are about to take a SWE

Equipment Tag-out Procedures COMDTINST 9077.1
NEETS Modules
Standard for the Installation of Lightning Protection Systems 2004 Edition
Coast Guard Simplified Acquisition Handbook
Accounting Manual M7300.4
Coast Guard Supply & Procedure Manual
Training and Education Manual
Directives & Publication Report Index
SPAWAR Instruction 3084.1
Tower Manual
AN-WSC-3 Manual
CASREP Produres M3503.3F
Civil Engineering Manual M11000.11A
Cutter Training and Qualifications Manual CIM 3502.4I
Electromagnetic Radiation Hazards (NAVSEA OP 3565/NAVAIR 16-1-529 Vol2)
Electronics Installation and Maintenance Book (General Maintenance)
Electronics Installation and Maintenance Book( Electronic Circuits)
Equipment Tag-Out Procedure 9077.1C
Navy Installation and Maintenance Book (General Maintenance)
Logistics Handbook CIM 4000.2
MIL-STD-1310 Shipboard Grounding and Bonding
MIL-STD-2042B Fiber Optic Cable Topology Installation Standard Methods for Naval Ships
MIL-HDBK-419-A Grounding and Bonding
MIL-STD-188-124 Grounding and Bonding
Performance, Training and Education Manual
Shipboard Regulations Manual M5000.7A
SILS Policy M4105.8
Small Boat Product Line Process Guide
Surface Forces Time Compliance Technical Order (TCTO)Process Guide

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