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U.S. Coast Guard PME Study Guide

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EPME in "A" school

Beginning May 1, 2005, all "A" school students must pass the EPME apprentice (E-4) Advancement Qualification Exam (AQE) in order to graduate as a Third Class Petty Officer.  This applies to all students attending "A" school classes with a graduation date on or after May 1, 2005.  There will be plenty of homework to keep you busy while in school.  For this reason, I strongly encourage all future "A" school students to pass their AQE prior to reporting to school.  However, if you are unable to accomplish this prior to reporting, you will have an opportunity to complete it while attending school. 

Advancement Qualification Exam (AQE) preparation:

To the students:
There are three advancement qualification exams: Apprentice (E3 – E4), Journeyman (E5 – E6), and Master (E7 – E8).  Each test consists of questions based on the performance and knowledge factors from the chapters for which the tests pertain.  Example; the Apprentice test is comprised of questions based on every knowledge and performance factor from the E – 4 and E – 5 chapters.  Seek assistance from your supervisor or mentor when preparing for an AQE, and always ensure that you have the most up to date study material.

To the supervisor:
The success or failure of your subordinates is largely dependant on you.  Supervisors of those at the apprentice level should keep in mind students are experiencing much of the material contained with in this study guide for the first time.  What appears obvious to you may be overwhelming to them, making it difficult to recall at test time.  Be patient and assist as them as needed.

Service Wide Exam (SWE) preparation

Service Wide Exams (SWE) do contain E-PME questions, the number of E-PME questions varies with each pay grade.  Those preparing for a SWE should review knowledge and performance factors from chapter E2 through chapter in which member is working to achieve.  Example a E5 preparing for the E6 SWE should review all performance and knowledge factors that pertain to the following pay grades E2, E3, E4, E5, and E6.  E2 performance and knowledge factors are not part of this study guide as they pertain to resident training.  A list of performance and knowledge factors for the E2 pay grade can be found in COMDINST 1510.2. 

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