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Pictures of TRACEN Petaluma

Ralph Nix, Jr. Medical/Dental Clinic

Welcome to the Ralph R. Nix Jr. Medical/Dental Clinic.

We offer health care to eligible military beneficiaries; active duty and reserve personnel of all branches of service.

There are NO EMERGENCY SERVICES AVAILABLE at the clinic; For emergency services call 911 (8-911 on base).

Due to current operations, limited dependent/retiree services are available only in the Pharmacy. Please contact the clinic for further clarification.

Please see this Description of Clinic Services.

Clinic Staff

Our staff includes:

Hours of Operation

** Thursday afternoons are reserved for staff training and clinic is closed for routine operations.

Dental Clinic

Monday through Wednesday & Friday: 0700 - 1100 & 1230 - 1530
Thursday: 0700 – 1100
Thursday: 1200 – 1530 (Hygiene only)


Monday through Wednesday & Friday: 0700 - 1100 & 1200 - 1530
Thursday: 0700 - 1100


Monday through Wednesday & Friday: 0700 - 1030 & 1200 - 1500
Thursday and Friday: 0700 - 1030

Prescription Refill Line: (707) 765-7071

Phone Numbers

(707) 765-7200, then press:

Appointments/Medical Records /
After hours Duty Corpsman

Option 1
Dental/Dental Appointments Option 2
Health Benefits Option 3
Pharmacy Option 4
Physicals Option 5
Laboratory Option 6
Clinic Supervisor Option 7
Clinic Administrator Option 8
Prescription Refills 707.765.7071
TRICARE (HBA) 877.988.9378
The Petaluma clinic provides primary care services for active duty personnel enrolled to our facility. Patients are seen for routine care by appointment only and may be scheduled by calling or visiting the front desk. Patients who walk into the clinic without an appointment will be given an appointment time unless immediate care is required.

Mental Health

The clinic is staffed with a part time Psychologist and can provide counseling to our active duty personnel enrolled to our facility. This is done by referral from your PCM.
Members and their dependents can also utilize the CG SUPRT program which also provides confidential counseling and can be accessed without a referral. You can access this service 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year by calling 855-247-8778 or 855-CG SUPRT. You can access on line at to find out more about the program.

Last Modified 1/12/2016