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Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program

SARC / Work Life Contacts

The Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC) is a military or civilian employee for the Coast Guard trained to ensure appropriate care is coordinated and provided to victims of sexual assault.  In addition, the SARC tracks the services provided to a victim of sexual assault from the initial report through final disposition and resolution.  SARCs serve as the central point of contact at the Command or within a geographic area to conduct all sexual assault awareness, prevention, and response training.  SARCs also train and oversee all Victim Advocates (VA) within their areas of responsibility.  Note: SARCs are typically the Employee Assistance Program Coordinator (EAPC) in the Work Life Regional Practice Office; Family Advocacy Specialist (FAS) are the backup SARCs.

D-11 Sexual Assault and Response Coordinator (SARC) Contact Information

Kim Cosley(Alameda)

(510) 437-3927
(510) 812-2297

Tiffani Collier (San Pedro)

(310) 521-6136
(310) 877-3779

If you would like a full list of all USCG SARCs, please visit

TRACEN Petaluma Work Life Contact Information

John Schempf(Alameda)

(707) 765-7045
(707) 364-2445

Last Modified 1/12/2016