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Barracks and Berthing


Picture of Horsley Hall
Horsley Hall
Picture of Steadman Hall
Steadman Hall
Picture of Building 124
Building 124
Picture of Harrison Hall
Harrison Hall
Picture of Mace Hall
Mace Hall
Picture of a 2 Person Room
2-Person Room

Barracks Staff

The Training Center’s MAA staff maintains the barracks and makes room assignments based on orders issued for all incoming personnel.  The full time MAA staff works Mon-Fri from 0730-1600.  A Training Center Duty Master-at-Arms works from 1545-0730 on work days and on all weekends and holidays.

Phone Numbers

Reporting for "A" School
(707) 765-7500 (front desk-Horsley Hall)
(707) 765-7246 (fax)

Reporting for "C" School
MWR Barracks Lodging
(707) 765-7177
(707)765-7248 (fax)

Barracks Assignments

Government quarters are available for students reporting to the TRACEN for both “A” and “C” schools.

“A” School Students


Assignments will be arranged by school, course, and gender.

C School Students

Barracks (Cost)

Room Furnishings

All barracks rooms are furnished with beds, a desk, a locker and a small dresser for each resident. Based on this limited allotment of furniture, it is recommended that you pack sparingly.

Towels and Towel Service

There is a towel service in Harrison, Mace, and H-Complex. All “A” School students need to bring their own towels while attending school.

Washing Machines

Washing machines and dryers are available free of charge in the barracks. Soap is not provided, but is available on base at the Mini Mart.

Students are not permitted to bring weapons to the Training Center.

Other Items to Bring

A lock for your locker, shower shoes (flip-flops) for the bathroom, and Tupperware or Rubbermaid containers to store any dry food you may purchase while attached to your school. Please note that open containers in your room are not permitted. Please secure the containers with the lids when not in use.

Internet Access

Base Cable/Internet

Free WiFi internet access is available in all the common areas in each barracks building. High-speed Internet and Cable TV is available for purchase in Horsley Hall and Steadman Hall for “A” School students. Please contact the MWR Office for more information and fees.

WIFI is available in the Consolidated Club / Two Rock Pizza during their regular business hours.

The library includes a full-service PC multimedia center with internet access, scanning capability, and free printing.

Please call the MWR for more information and information on hooking up in-room internet and cable access (for Horsley Hall and Steadman Hall only).

(707) 765 - 7340 (MWR)

Last Modified 1/12/2016