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Arriving By Bus

TRACEN Address

599 Tomales Road, Petaluma, CA 94952

Greyhound Bus Service is available to downtown Petaluma from most points, via San Francisco. The bus company discharges and picks up passengers in Petaluma at the corner of 4th and C Streets. The phone number is (707)586-9512.

After arriving in Petaluma take a taxi or the liberty van to the Training Center.

Note: There are several restaurants within walking distance of the bus stop. If you are arriving outside of galley or other service hours, this will be the last chance for you to purchase a meal.

Taxi:  The ride is approximately 20 minutes, and costs approximately $30.  The cost of the taxi is reimbursable, so keep your receipt.  Take the taxi directly to Horsley Hall.

Training Center Liberty Van
provides transportation between the Training Center and various points in Petaluma.  This service is for students during their stay at Training Center Petaluma (after checking-in and prior to departure), but may be used by arriving students on a space available basis only.  Due to capacity limitations, personnel traveling under orders should be prepared to take commercial transportation.  These policies are not affected by the pay grade of the rider.  Dependents are not authorized to ride the liberty van.

Last Modified 1/12/2016