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Pictures of TRACEN Petaluma

Day One at Operations Specialist "A" School

Reporting to School

Students should report in at Horsley Hall no later than the day before there class is due to start.

What to Expect

Muster at 0620 at the Horsley Hall front desk. Ensure your uniform is inspection ready. Have information sheet, located in your student guide, filled out. After meeting with your class advisor you will go to the Juliet Nichols Building, INDOC room and receive an introduction from various personnel at TRACEN Petaluma on the rules and regulations for students.


Information on uniform inspections and uniform of the day for OS students will be in the Indoctrination Packet you will receive when reporting to the Training Center.

What to Bring

You are required to have a full sea bag when reporting to OS school.  

General Base Information

The Welcome Aboard Pamphlet (available on the CG Intranet Only) covers these topics:

Mod OS Logo How to get to the Training Center
Mod OS Logo When you get here
Mod OS Logo Quarters
Mod OS Logo Services
Mod OS Logo Health Care
Mod OS Logo Additional Information

Last Modified 1/12/2016