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Pictures of TRACEN Petaluma

Day One at IT School


You're on your way to becoming a Information Systems Technician, with a proud tradition of service, workmanship, and superior technical ability.

This page contains general information for incoming IT "A" School students.

See also: Reporting to TRACEN Petaluma

Contact your Class Advisor

When you receive orders to IT "A" school, please read the information in the Reporting section of this Web site.

Contact your class advisor at (707) 765-7408 for any unanswered questions you may have.

What to Expect IT student

During your time in "A" School you will have uniform inspections weekly. Please ensure that all of your uniforms are inspection-ready prior to reporting.

You are required to report with a full sea bag. It is advisable to also bring a Coast Guard windbreaker for the Winter rainy season. You will also need a ball cap with just U.S. Coast Guard on it, no unit ball caps are allowed.

On your first day of class, muster in the uniform of the day (Tropical Blue Long with Combo cover) at 0650 in the Horsley Hall Quarter Deck area by the front desk. Have the information sheet filled out to best of your ability.

Petty Officer Indoctrination Program

You should know that upon arrival to the Training Center your participation
in the Petty Officer Indoctrination Program will be mandatory. During this
phase of your training your off-base liberty must be earned and will be
granted on/or about day 10.

Your indoctrination schedule will include events and classes during the day,
evenings and weekends. Classes include (but not limited to) Substance abuse, free environment SAFE) training, LAMS, IDP/finance lecture, and a fitness assessment.

Spouses & family members ARE permitted to visit you during non-class time.

Last Modified 1/12/2016