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IT "A" School Course Description

Course Overview

IT "A" School Eligibility

  • Armed Service Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB): MK + EI + GS = 172, with a minimum AR of 52 or an AFCT=65. (For guaranteed school 175/60).
  • Students must have normal color perception to distinguish cable color coding
  • Students must be eligible for a final SECRET clearance.


The E-PME test can be administered while you are onboard at TRACEN Petaluma. A passing score must be obtained in order for advancement upon graduation. During "A" school you will have an opportunity to complete your E-3 and E-4 performance qualifications, if you have not completed them already.

Because IT "A" School can be challenging, it is advisable for each student to make efforts to complete their EPME Performance, Knowledge Qualifications and test prior to their arrival.

If you would like a more information regarding your EPME you can visit the EPME website or contact your unit ESO.

Applying for School

Route a Special Request Authorization (chit) though your chain of command.pedastal

Curriculum Outline

CompTIA A+ - 25 days

This unit focuses on the fundamentals of computer technology, installation and configuration of PCs, laptops, related hardware, and basic networking. It also covers provides the skills required to install and configure PC operating systems, as well as configuring common features (e.g. network connectivity and email) for mobile operating systems Android and Apple iOS.

Core Electronics - 16 days

Basic electronics training provides training on the following topics:

DC circuits, AC circuits, Power supplies, Transistor theory, Corrective and preventive maintenance techniques, Administrative procedures. 

Premise Distribution - 18 Days

This unit focuses on cabling installation, splicing, and testing; Confined Space safety; hazardous material safety; and basic telephony knowledge and skills. Learn the proper of industry standard tools and practices. At the end of the module, you will be able to install and test horizontal and backbone cabling systems, Shore Ties, and analog and digital telephone and data circuits to communication closets and work areas.

Fiber Optics 09 Days

Upon completion of this unit, students posses an understanding of fiber optic theory and fiber optic cable plant installation. Training is provided on the following topics:

Fiber Optic Technology, cable construction, cable characteristics, standards, safety procedures, cable handling and pulling, cable splicing, cable termination, testing and troubleshooting.

Telephone Systems 28 Days

This unit provides telephony training using Avaya Communication Server 1000E and CallPilot Voicemail systems. Students who complete this posses the skill required to program, administer, and maintain a customer database and associated hardware. A total of sixteen lessons are presented ranging from telephone installations to digital trunking facilities configuration and implementation. Public Address System troubleshooting and Voicemail administration are introduced.

CompTIA Net+ - 20 Days

This is a certification course that is used to teach you the skills required to be a network technician Topics include network hardware, connections, software, the OSI Reference model, and different protocols used in local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs).

This course also covers how to properly set up a Video Teleconference (VTC) using both Ethernet and ISDN connectivity.

System Administration - 25 days

Network and computer system installation and administration. Training is provided on the following topics:

Installation, configuration and troubleshooting of UPS, switch, router and HDSL equipment; installation, configuration and upgrading of USCG servers, workstations, laptops, and peripheral devices; system administration of users, groups, passwords, anti-virus software, backups, preventive maintenance, Exchange server mailboxes, distribution lists, public folders; use of testing and troubleshooting tools, procedures, and resources.

Capstone 5 Days

This unit provides a culminating class that combines nearly eight months of intense technical training into a five day, hands on, real world Coast Guard IT experience. Students work in teams under the guidance of an instructor to complete Work Orders and Incident Tickets in a simulated environment that reflects a large base, small boat station, and cutters moored at the pier.

Last Modified 1/12/2016