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Online Help & Learning Center

The Information Resource Center (IRC) is dedicated to assisting computer users with the knowledge they need to use computers efficiently, as a tool.

Quick Help Job Aids

Job Aids designed to get you through some of those elusive tasks that the application help functions and books don't cover in detail. Many of these Job Aids revolve around Windows 7 functions in addition to specific Microsoft Office application tasks. You can access our job aids and learning resources on the Intranet website if you're logged in to a Standard Workstation (SW) on the CGOne (formally the Coast Guard Data Network - CGDN+).

Application Help Library

The IRC Library is stocked with books, videos, and CD-ROM Computer Based Training (CBT). The topics cover all of the Microsoft Office applications, Windows 7, and a wide variety of Web development and graphics applications.  Click the 'Help Library' button for more information about the IRC's on-site library of resources.

Last Modified 1/12/2016