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Reporting to School

All students arriving at TRACEN Petaluma are to report to Horsley Hall where they will receive their room assignments. 

IMPORTANT:  Everyone checks into Horsley Hall, but not everyone is assigned berthing in Horsley Hall.  Keep your taxi until you know where you will be assigned.

Reporting to Class / What to Expect

Class begins at 0800 in the Juliet Nichols Building, room 360. By the end of Monday, you will have a basic understanding of adult learning theory as it applies to your training job. You will be provided with an instructor guide, materials, 5-7 students and a classroom to deliver a twenty minute training event.


Uniform of the day is the Operational Dress Uniform (ODU). Check with an instructor to verify the uniform for the class. For civilian employees dress is Business Casual.

What to Bring

For the classroom bring yourself with a spirit of discovery  and a good attitude.  Your lesson plan and supplies will be provided for you. For information regarding packing for your barracks stay please view the barracks page.

Last Modified 1/12/2016