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Pictures of TRACEN Petaluma

Day One at HS School


You are on your way to becoming a Health Services Technician, with a proud tradition of service, workmanship, and superior technical ability.

This page contains general information for incoming HS "A" School students.

See also: Reporting to TRACEN Petaluma

Contacting HS "A" School:

When you receive orders to HS "A" School, you may contact us for any questions you have. Soon after receipt of your orders you will receive a Welcome Aboard letter detailing who your Class Advisor is and how to contact them directly.

The HS community is small, and usually allows us the luxury of providing personalized assistance.

Please do not be afraid to call. We welcome the opportunity to assist you in this important transition in your career and life--you will soon be one of us!

Your Travel Orders:

Usually, when ordered to HS school, you will receive PCS DUINS (Permanent Change of Station Duty Under Instruction) orders. These orders can be difficult to interpret. You should receive these entitlements:

If your PCD DUINS says otherwise, verify the information via another source. Do not let a mistake adversely affect your personal situation.


All members assigned to HS "A" school will be assigned a barracks room whether accompanied, unaccompanied, or single.

Barracks Information

Bringing your family:

If you bring your family, you will not be eligible for base housing. Housing is only available for those members who are expected to occupy a unit for more than one year.

Please contact your class advisor for additional information.


Students will stand duty at the TRACEN Ralph R. Nix Clinic, and local hospitals. You will also complete multiple ambulance ride-alongs, during your EMT portion of school. This duty can be during the school day, evenings or weekends, and will aid in the practical experience of direct patient care.

What to Expect:

Muster in the uniform of the day (Tropical Blue Long with Combination Covers) at 0650 in the Horsley Hall Quarter Deck area by the front desk. After meeting with your INDOC Petty Officer, you will be marched to the command building to observe morning colors and then to the chapel. There you will receive an in brief by various personnel from TRACEN Petaluma regarding base and student regulations.


Bring a full sea bag with you. Your Class Advisor's will be conducting a sea bag inspection during your time here at A-School. It is important you arrive with a full sea bag.


Inspections are conducted on your first day for uniform and grooming standards. They are then conducted weekly at the discretion of your Class Advisor. You will also have your barracks room inspected on a weekly basis.

Last Modified 1/12/2016