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Pictures of TRACEN Petaluma

Welcome Aboard

  1. On behalf of the entire staff of the Medical Support Schools, we want to say congratulations on your orders, and welcome to the world of military medicine! We look forward to your arrival and trust you are prepared to accept the challenge before you. Below you will find links to the Training Center and HS “A” School websites.  Please take the time to visit these websites, as they may answer a lot of your questions: Welcome Aboard

  2. Your first week of class, you will be taking a Petty Officer Indoctrination Class required by the Training Center. The next seven weeks will be in EMT School. Here you will get you started on your way through "A" School. Prior to your arrival, we highly encourage you to memorize the EMT skills on the internet site, (Medical and trauma patient assessment) which can be accessed thru the following link:  EMT Skill Sheets.

  3. Upon successful completion of EMT class, your last 16 weeks will take you into the heart of military clinical medicine. You will be assigned Class Advisors and a mentor to help you throughout the remainder of your “A” School experience.

  4. If for any reason you will not be attending HS "A" School, please contact your current unit’s chain of command immediately.

  5. Here are a few things to keep in mind to help you be fully prepared while attending HS "A" School.

    • Update your uniforms!  The Operational Dress Uniform (ODU) will be your class uniform unless otherwise prescribed by your class advisor.  Bring a full sea bag, with all required uniform items.  There will be a sea bag inspection during school. TRACEN is equipped with a small exchange and limited uniform items.  For females it is imperative you bring a few sports bras/sports tops due to the practical exams.  PT gear is required to perform practical scenarios while attending school.  If you no longer have your issued Coast Guard PT gear, it is available through the UDC at UDC web site.  You may wear plain dark blue shorts/sweatpants and t-shirt.  You must also have a watch with the ability to read seconds (second hand or digital counter) for taking vital signs.

    • Please bring your Health Record or ensure it is mailed from your unit with your PDR. These items will be collected the first Monday afternoon if hand carried. Due to the nature of the training requirements, it is critical that your Health Record is with you at the TRACEN.

    • Space is limited in the barracks. Up to Three people are assigned to a room, so only bring the basics and not all your worldly possessions. Computers, TV's, and stereos are authorized. Individual phone and internet (dial-up and high-speed) services are available for a fee; you must provide or purchase your own equipment. It’s also recommend that you bring towels and two padlocks since the BEQ does not issue them. Weather in Petaluma fluctuates dramatically, so prepare accordingly with both uniform and civilian clothing.

    • Ensure all family, personal and/or financial affairs are taken care of before departing your unit. While attending school you are limited to a 50 mile radius of travel from the base. Anything outside of that range is considered Out Of Bounds and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis through the HS School chain of command.

    • The first day of EMT is dedicated to the CPR prerequisite for the EMT curriculum. Students must complete the EMT portion satisfactorily before continuing with HS “A” School. If you hold a current state EMT license, or have a lapsed NREMT registration within the last two years, contact EMT School.  Due to the challenging nature of our “A” School students must have E-4 EPME completed prior to arriving at HS "a" school. There will be no class time dedicated to the completion of any EPME requirements. It must be accomplished by you during your off time. To graduate as an E-4 you must pass the EPME. You must successfully pass the NREMT to graduate.

    • As required by CIM1020.8F, if you are onboard TRACEN for A School during the months requiring weigh-ins (April & October), you are required to adhere to the instructions directives.

HS “A” School is a fast paced and challenging course, which will challenge you to do things you have never done before. A positive attitude with the expectation of becoming a Health Services Technician will better prepare you to succeed in this course and in our rate. Our instructors are looking forward to meeting you during your training.  If you have any questions or concerns that are not answered in this letter or the Training Center's homepage, please contact “A” School.

Last Modified 3/23/2016