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Prep Course

HS “A” School Prep Course

ALL incoming HS "A" Students:

To better prepare for your time spent in HS "A" School please complete the 2 requirements listed below (A & B). Failure to complete these prerequisites will greatly impede your progress once you arrive for HS “A”. NOTE: ALL links can be accessed from ANY computer with internet access i.e., work, home, public library, etc. DO NOT forget your password and ensure you sign in using your Coast Guard Email address.

A.  CHCS Training in MHS Learn
; Use this Job Aid (click this link to download the .pdf file) for step by step directions to help you navigate through the required training for both CHCS & the HIPAA training. NOTE:  Use of your CAC card to access MHS Learn is NOT necessary.

Complete the following lesson:
1. CHCS-System Orientation: Basic Skills

This course will provide you with the basic skills required to navigate the Composite Health Care System, a database used to track patient appointments in each clinic you are assigned to.

B.  HIPAA Training in MHS Learn;
Complete the following lessons:
1. Data Safeguard Awareness
2. Privacy Act and HIPAA Clinical Training

This federally-mandated training is required to allow you to work with patients throughout your career, ensuring their confidentiality in all patient encounters.

If you have any problems registering or logging into MHS Learn you can contact their help desk directly for help:
*   (800) 600-9332 (CONUS)
*   (210) 767-5250 (Direct)
*   (866) 637-8725 (OCONUS)

Complete your RPQ's for EPME-4 and test before arriving. While this is not a requirement we have historically seen many students struggle with the amount of course work required AND try to study for their EPME-4 test. You will be setting yourself up for even greater success if you have your EPME completed prior to your arrival. This will allow you to focus more on school itself!

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