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Pictures of TRACEN Petaluma

ET 'C' School Day One

Reporting to TRACEN Petaluma
Students should report in at Horsley hall no later than the day before their class is due to start. The preferred check-in time in Horsley Hall is before 10 p.m. local time.

What to Expect
ET 'C' School Students need to be at their course classrooms at 0730 on the convening date. Class times are from 0730 to 1600, with a lunch break.

Class Locations


COM-03A - Bauer Building 3rd floor-Rm 314
COM-05 A - Bauer Building 3rd floor-Rm 314
COM-06 - Bauer Building 1st floor-Rm-117


DGPS - Bauer Building 1st floor-Rm 120


NAV-08 - Bauer Building 3rd floor-Rm 316
NAV-12 - Bauer Building 3rd floor-Rm 313


IFF-01 - Bauer Building 1st floor-Rm 130
IFF-02A - Bauer Building 1st floor-Rm 130

The authorized uniform of the day for all classes is the Operation Dress Uniform (ODU). Uniforms must be clean with no paint.

What to Bring
Students should have adequate uniforms and sundry items such as alarm clocks, laundry bags, etc. to be comfortable and ready to learn while they are here.

Last Modified 1/12/2016