CPO Anchor over Coast Guard Ensign (click on the image to read about its history)Welcome to the Chief Petty Officer Academy

Arrival and Departure

Please do not report any earlier than the Sunday before class begins as your rooms will not be ready. The previous CPO Academy class will be checking out of the rooms on the Friday before your class convenes.

The Training Center (TRACEN) Petaluma website contains complete information for reporting to the TRACEN by air, bus or automobile.  If you are unable to connect to the website, contact the Academy staff for assistance.  Please review those directions carefully in addition to these important details. 

Check-in is at Horsley Hall.  You will be residing in Harrison Hall, however, so if you are arriving by taxi, don't release the driver until your delivery to Harrison Hall.

There are limited dining services for students arriving after the TRACEN galley closes.  A convenience store offers basic grocery items and is open daily from 0900  to 2100.  Pizzas, sandwiches and finger foods are available at the Consolidated Club / Two Rock Pizza Monday - Friday from 1730 to 2200.

Please bring multiple sets of your own work-out clothing, as none will be provided. You will also need a swimsuit for physical training activities in the pool.

The Academy concludes with a formal evening graduation banquet to celebrate your accomplishments.  The program, including dinner and remarks by the School Chief, Class President, and class guest speaker, begins at 1900 and concludes at approximately 2230.   Therefore, departing flights should be scheduled for the following day.  As a student, you will be able to stay at the hotel that evening with bus service to the airport beginning at 0315 arriving at 0500.  Once again, plan you departure flight accordingly. 

Students should wait until they come to the academy to reserve their graduation banquet student rooms as we have a process in place to ensure they get a further reduced student rate.


MWR operates the Academy's quarters, located in Harrison Hall.  Students are charged $25.00 a day for quarters, payable before graduation. Coast Guard and Air Force students can use their U.S. Government Mastercard for payment. Contact MWR services at 707-765-7340, or Mrs. Avis Linnins, quarters manager, at 707-765-7248 for payment questions.

A community kitchen is located on the second floor.  The kitchen has a freezer/refrigerator, microwave oven, stove, ice machine and sink.  A coffee pot and coffee supplies are also available.  Each floor has television rooms, study rooms, vending machines, pay telephones, and a laundry room.  Laundry services are free.

Limited guest quarters are available for visitors.  Contact Mrs. Avis Linnins, quarters manager, at 707-765-7248 for further information and availability of guest quarters. 


The uniform of the day is tropical blue with combination cover.  Authorized outerwear includes the windbreaker, or trench coat.  The Air Force uniform is short sleeve blue uniform combination with ribbons, excluding tie or tab with either the flight cap or service cover. The Navy uniform is CNT (Poly-wool) Khakis with ribbons and combo cover.

The service physical fitness uniform is required for all group PT activities. It is recommended that you bring a minimum of two sets.

The TRACEN dry cleaners and tailor shop are open Monday through Friday between 1100-1400 and again from 1600-1730.

The uniform for graduation will be Dinner Dress Blue; an optional uniform is Dinner Dress Blue Jacket.  Uniform requirements are contained in the Coast Guard Uniform Regulations, COMDTINST M1020.6H, Chapter 4We recommend that each student carefully review the uniform requirements and order required items before departing for training.  


Your mail should be addressed to:
      (Your Name)
     c/o Chief Petty Officer Academy
     USCG Training Center
     599 Tomales Road
     Petaluma, CA 94952-5000

Telephone messages may be left on the student answering machine at (707) 765-7393 or with any Academy instructor.  Faxes may be sent to the Academy at (707) 765-7530.  The Training Center does not have DSN capabilities.  

What to Bring

If you are taking medications, it is strongly recommended that your health clinic contact the Training Center's pharmacy at 707-765-7194 to verify that sufficient medication is available during your stay.  The Training Center's recommendation is "All students on chronic medications should arrive here with sufficient medications to last the duration of school and any leave time until they return to their duty station." Please note that the TRACEN area is a working farm and visitors report being susceptible to allergies.

Some student activities will require out of pocket expenses; experience has shown that $60 class dues is a sufficient amount to cover these class activities:

The class treasurer will collect class dues during the first week to establish the class treasury. 

Your physical activities include participating in exercise classes, running (unless physically incapable), walking, bicycle riding, strength training, and fit deck. Students should also bring athletic shoes in good condition.

One day of the Academy's curriculum is devoted to community service.  We recommend you bring comfortable clothes and shoes suitable for working outdoors. 

Other items that you may want to bring include a camera, personal alarm clock or radio, padlock, sweater or jacket, rain jacket (October through March), personal athletic clothing, backpack, hiking boots, and shoes that can get muddy.  The climate is moderate but mornings and evenings can be cool (40 F - 50 F). 

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