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Chief Petty Officer Academy Class I

Chief Petty Officer Academy Class I consisted of six Master Chief Petty Officers and four Senior Chief Petty Officers who led the way for future generations of Chief Petty Officers to attend the Coast Guard's premier enlisted leadership institution.  Graduating on November 19th, 1982, their memento plaque read,

 "We Came With The Hope That Others Might Follow."

Front row, left to right: DTCS Billie Powers, HSCS Richard "Rip" Rippert, EMCM Lou Maher.
Back row, left to right: MKCS James Midgett, DCCM Charles Bosdell (Class President), ATCM Larry Brown, YNCM Herbert "Windy" Walker, YNCM Frank Love, MKCM David Isherwood, ETCS James Holmes.

Last Modified 1/12/2016