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Command's History


Legal Service Command

Maintenance and Logistics Command



District Legal Officers:

First Coast Guard District Second Coast Guard District Third Coast Guard District
Fifth Coast Guard District Seventh Coast Guard District Eighth Coast Guard District
Ninth Coast Guard District  Eleventh Coast Guard District Twelfth Coast Guard District
Thirteenth Coast Guard District Fourteenth Coast Guard District
Seventeenth Coast Guard District

Legal Service Command

2009 -       CAPT Elizabeth Pepper

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2007- 2009  CAPT T. Cahill

2004-2007 CAPT P. L. Seidler

2003-2004 CAPT M. Ghizzoni

2000-2002 CAPT R. D. Kutz

1996-2000 CAPT R. A. Knee

1993-1996 CAPT D. A. Smith

1991-1993 CAPT T. W. Snook

1989-1991 CAPT R. C. Reining

1987-1989 CAPT P.M. Blayney


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2007- 2009 CAPT D. Rose

2003-2007 CAPT B. Mozee

1998-2003 CAPT T. J. Mackell

1995-1998 CAPT C. V. Mosebach

1993-1995 CAPT W. H. Norris

1990-1993 CAPT D. C. Bryant

1988-1990 CAPT T. F. McGrath

1987-1988 CDR W. H. Norris


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2008 - CAPT T. F. Lennon

2002-2008 CAPT F. J. Kenney

1997-2002 CAPT J. Astley

1993-1997 CAPT W. A. Cassels

1991-1993 CDR M. A. Leone

1990-1991 CAPT R. R. Clark

1985-1990 CDR R. A. Brunell

1982-1985 CDR G. E. Watts

1980-1982 CDR M. C. Grace

1976-1980 LCDR W. H. Norris

1972-1976 CDR F. D. Hunter

1968-1972 CDR J. V. Flanagan

1964-1968 LCDR L. J. Hoch

1961-1964 CDR L. F. Sudnik

1958-1961 LCDR C. S. Changaris

1954-1958 CDR R. R. Russell

1951-1954 CDR N. S. Von Rosenvinge


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1992-1996 CDR W. J. Brawand

1991-1992 CDR L. I. McClelland

1988-1991 CDR J. T. Orchard

1984-1988 CDR F. P. Hopkins

1981-1984 LCDR D. L. Bryant

1978-1981 LCDR K. J. Barry

1975-1978 LCDR J. F. Meade

1973-1975 LCDR B. W. Richardson

1969-1973 CDR R. M. Thomas

1965-1969 CDR D. F. McIntosh, Jr.

1960-1965 LT P. B. Moberg

1957-1960 LCDR V. N. Woolfolk, Jr.

1956-1957 LCDR W. E. Fuller

1951-1956 LCDR F. M. Fisher Jr.


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1986-1987 CDR D. Kantor

1982-1986 CDR J. Collom

1980-1982 CDR M. L. Lindahl

1975-1980 CDR J. B. Lynn

1971-1975 CDR E. H. Daniels

1966-1971 CDR G. H. Weller

1964-1966 CAPT L. F. Sudnik

1959-1964 CAPT C. R. Couser

1954-1959 CDR E. C. Allen, Jr.

1951-1954 CDR W. I. Morrison


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1994-1996 CAPT R. A. Knee

1989-1994 CAPT M. K. Cain

1985-1989 CDR R. J. Reining

1981-1985 CDR A. T. Horsey

1978-1981 CDR K. W. Mirmak

1974-1978 CDR C. M. Holland

1970-1974 CDR A. F. Bridgman Jr.

1966-1970 LCDR F. D. Hunter

1962-1966 CDR G. H. Weller

1960-1962 CDR J. L. Horne

1957-1960 LT H. A. Cretella

1954-1957 LT W. J. Kirley

1951-1954 CDR E. C. Allen Jr.


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2005- CAPT M. Higgins

2004-2005 CAPT B. D. Schroder

2002-2004 CAPT W. J. Baumgartner

2001-2002 CDR J. Donovan

2000-2001 CDR J. Collin

1996-2000 CAPT J. F. Ahern

1992-1996 CAPT W. B. Thomas

1988-1992 CDR P. J. Prokop

1986-1988 CDR S. J. Delaney

1982-1986 CAPT R. A. Appelbaum

1979-1982 CDR J. E. Shkor

1977-1979 CDR N. Linfors Jr.

1976-1977 CDR F. E. Grundman

1973-1976 CAPT W. Kesler Jr.

1969-1973 CDR D. F. McIntosh Jr.

1966-1969 LCDR E. H. Daniels

1962-1966 LCDR W. Kesler Jr.

1961-1962 CDR F. B. Thatcher

1958-1961 LT H. A. Davenport

1955-1958 LCDR D. W. Woods

1951-1955 LCDR K. N. Ayers


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2007- CAPT M. Tousley

2003-2007 CAPT P. Simons

2002-2003 CAPT J. Steib

1999-2002 CAPT K. McNally

1996-1999 CAPT W. J. Braward

1994-1996 CAPT D. R. Innis

1992-1994 CAPT R. C. Zabel

1988-1992 CAPT D. J. Kantor

1983-1988 CDR T. W. Snook

1979-1983 LCDR E. A. Blanton

1976-1979 LCDR M. L. Lindahl

1972-1976 CDR F. F. Burgess Jr.

1967-1972 CDR P. B. Mober

1963-1967 LCDR C. R. Hallberg

1962-1963 CDR A. S. Frevola

1961-1962 LCDR J. S. Cooper

1958-1961 LCDR J. P. Obarski

1954-1958 CDR J. L. Horne

1951-1954 CDR R. R. Smith


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2005- CDR L. Kennedy

2001-2005 CAPT M. Higgins

1997-2001 CDR S. J. Daramody

1993-1997 CDR J. M. Collin

1990-1993 CDR R. G. Blythe

1987-1990 CDR M. O'Hare

1981-1986 LCDR R. L. Maguire

1976-1981 CDR W. B. Steinbach

1972-1976 CDR F. R. Grundman

1968-1972 LCDR J. B. Lynn

1964-1968 LCDR J. H. Byrd Jr.

1959-1964 LT L. J. Hoch

1954-1959 CDR F. B. Thatcher

1951-1954 LCDR L. F. Sudnik


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1994-1996 CAPT M. J. Williams Jr.

1990-1994 CDR B. E. Weuie

1986-1990 CDR S. E. Burton

1985-1986 CDR E. A. Blanton

1982-1985 CDR M. R. Cain

1981-1982 CDR R. N. Roussel

1978-1981 CDR J. F. Meade

1977-1978 LCDR K. W. Mirmak

1973-1977 CDR J. E. Vorbach

1970-1973 LCDR R. A. Appelbaum

1966-1970 LCDR G. F. Young

1963-1966 LCDR J. P. O'Barski

1961-1963 LT C. E. Russell

1957-1961 LT C. R. Hallberg

1951-1957 LT H. C. McCaffery


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1958-1987 CDR W. H. Norris

1982-1985 LCDR R. S. Matthew

1979-1982 CDR J. L. Walker

1975-1979 CDR F. W. White

1973-1975 CAPT C. F. DeWolf

1969-1973 CAPT C. S. Changaris

1966-1969 CDR R. A. Ratti

1964-1966 CDR H. E. Dilcher

1961-1964 CDR K. N. Ayers

1960-1961 LCDR G. H. P. Bursley

1957-1960 LCDR G. H. Weller

1954-1957 CDR R. R. Smith

1951-1954 CDR M. F. Young


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2007- CAPT M. Lodge

2005-2007 CAPT J. Odell

2001-2005 CAPT C. M. Kelly

1997-2001 CAPT C. A. Swedberg

1995-1997 CAPT J. M. Hammond

1990-1995 CAPT R. S. Matthew

1986-1990 CDR R. E. Peyser

1980-1986 CDR T. F. McGrath III

1976-1980 CDR P. E. Versaw

1973-1976 CAPT J. H. Byrd Jr.

1969-1973 CDR H. Haugen

1964-1969 LCDR N. B. Binns

1961-1964 LCDR N. E. Williams Jr.

1958-1961 CDR W. K. Earle

1954-1958 LT G. H. P. Bursley

1951-1954 CDR V. R. Gould


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2005- CDR A. J. Norris

2001-2005 CAPT F. R. Tuchor

1998-2001 CDR D. A. Hoffman

1997-1998 CDR R. W. Bogue

1993-1997 CDR B. N. Durham

1991-1993 CDR S. T. Fuger

1988-1991 CDR M. J. Williams

1986-1988 LCDR J. P. Wiese

1983-1986 CDR R. E. Peyser

1981-1983 LCDR J. A. Bastek

1977-1981 LcDR M. J. Jacobs

1974-1977 LCDR L. F. Alcantara

1970-1974 LCDR C. M. Holland

1967-1970 LCDR A. F. Bridgman Jr.

1965-1967 CDR H. C. McCaffery

1964-1965 LT G. F. Young

1961-1964 LCDR G. H. P. Bursley

1959-1961 LCDR H. E. Dilcher

1956-1959 LT N. E. Williams Jr.

1951-1956 LT J. S. Cooper


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2008 - CDR J.D. McMahon

2005-2008 CDR S. K. Selman

2003-2005 CDR C. Reilly

2001-2003 CDR M. L. Tousley

1997-2001 CDR J. B. Brubaker

1995-1997 CDR R. K. Kutz

1992-1995 CDR G. W. Palmer

1989-1992 CDR M. L. Dorsey

1985-1989 LCDR J. H. Fearnow

1984-1985 CDR T. J. Barrett

1982-1984 CDR P. M. Blayney

1979-1982 LCDR D. A. Smith

1975-1979 LCDR J. B. Ellis

1973-1975 LT C. Josephson

1970-1973 CDR J. H. Byrd

1967-1970 LCDR J. E. Brown Jr.

1965-1967 CDR J. H. Bruce

1963-1965 LCDR C. F. DeWolf

1960-1963 LCDR D. F. McIntosh Jr.

1958-1960 LCDR F. M. Fisher

1956-1958 LTJG R. G. Cutler

1954-1956 LCDR J. P. O'Barski

1953-1954 LT W. Kesler Jr.

1951-1953 LCDR H. M. Kelsey


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