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Flag Officer & Senior Executive Service Members

Biographies for Coast Guard Leaders

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Admiral Paul F. Zukunft
Commandant of the Coast Guard
Vice Admiral Peter V. Neffenger
Vice Commandant of the Coast Guard
Master Chief Steven W. Cantrell
Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard







Headquarters staff
  Name Position
Ms. Terri A. Dickerson Director Civil Rights Staff (CG-00H)
Judge Walter Brudzinski Chief Administrative Law Judge (CG-00J)
Rear Admiral Peter Gautier Director for Governmental & Public Affairs(CG-092)
Ms. Ellen Engleman Conners Deputy Director of Governmental and Public Affairs (CG-092D)
Rear Admiral Steven D. Poulin Judge Advocate General (CG-094)
Mr. Calvin Lederer Deputy Judge Advocate General (CG-094D)
Mr. Eric Nestor Chief Procurement Law Counsel & Chief Trial Attorney (CG-0949)
Ms. Ellen Engleman Connors (Acting) Director Enterprise Strategy, Management & Doctrine (CG-095)
No Photo Available Rear Admiral Todd A. Sokalzuk Assistant Commandant for Resources, Chief Financial Officer (CG-8)
Mr. Craig A. Bennett Deputy Assistant Commandant for Resources (CG-8D)
Mr. Mark A. Rose Director of Financial Operations/Comptroller (CG-8C)
Rear Admiral Marshall Lytle (Acting) Deputy Commandant for Mission Support (DCMS)
Rear Admiral David Callahan Assistant Commandant for Human Resources (CG-1)
Rear Admiral Maura Dollymore Director of Health, Safety & Work-life (CG-11)
Mr. Curtis B. Odom Director of Civilian Human Resources, Diversity and Leadership (CG-12)
Rear Admiral James M. Heinz Director of Reserve & Military Personnel Policy (CG-13)
Rear Admiral Michael J. Haycock Assistant Commandant for Engineering & Logistics (CG-4)
Mr. Albert Curry Deputy Assistant Commandant for Engineering & Logistics (CG-4D)
Rear Admiral Marshall B. Lytle Assistant Commandant for C4IT / Director CG CYBERCOM (CG-6)
Mr. Thomas Michelli Deputy Assistant Commandant for C4IT / Deputy Chief Information Officer (CIO) (CG-6D)
Rear Admiral Bruce D. Baffer Assistant Commandant for Acquisition & Chief Acquisition Officer (CAO) (CG-9)
Ms. Ashley J. Lewis Senior Procurement Executive & Head of Contracting Activity (CG-91)
Ms. Claire M. Grady Deputy Assistant Commandant for Acquisition and Director of Acquisition Services (CG-9D and CG-92)
Rear Admiral Joseph M. Vojvodich Director of Acquisition Programs & Program Executive Officer (CG-93)
No Photo Available Position is temporarily vacant Deputy Director of Acquisition Programs (CG-93D)
Vice Admiral Charles D. Michel Deputy Commandant for Operations (DCO)
Rear Admiral Vincent B. Atkins Deputy for Operations Policy & Capabilities (DCO-D)
Ms. Kelli Seybolt Director International Affairs and Foreign Policy Advisor (DCO-I)
Rear Admiral Steven J. Andersen Assistant Commandant for Intelligence (CG-2)
Mr. Daniel S. Butler Deputy Assistant Commandant for Intelligence (CG-2D)
Rear Admiral Peter J. Brown Assistant Commandant for Response Policy (CG-5R)
Ms. Mary E. Landry Director of Incident Management and Preparedness Policy (CG-5RI)
Rear Admiral Paul F. Thomas Assistant Commandant for Prevention Policy (CG-5P)
Mr. Jeffrey G. Lantz Director of Commercial Regulations and Standards (CG-5PS)
Mr. Gary C. Rasicot Director Marine Transportation Systems Management (CG-5PW)
Rear Admiral John P. Nadeau Assistant Commandant for Capability (CG-7)

Headquarters units
  Name Position
Rear Admiral William G. Kelly Commander Personnel Service Center (PSC)
No Photo Available Mr. William R. Grawe Director National Pollution Funds Center (NPFC)
Mr. Michael Berkow Director Coast Guard Investigative Services (CGIS)

Area Staff and Units
  Name Position
Vice Admiral William Lee Atlantic Area Commander (LANTAREA)
Rear Admiral Francis S. Pelkowski Senior Reserve Officer Atlantic Area (LANTAREA)
Rear Admiral Linda L. Fagan First District Commander (D1)
Rear Admiral Stephen Metruck Fifth District Commander (D5)
Rear Admiral John H. “Jake” Korn Seventh District Commander (D7)
Rear Admiral Kevin Cook Eighth District Commander (D8)
Rear Admiral Fred M. Midgette Ninth District Commander (D9)
Vice Admiral Charles W. Ray Pacific Area Commander (PACAREA)
Rear Admiral Kurt B. Hinrichs Senior Reserve Officer Pacific Area (PACAREA)
Rear Admiral Joseph A. Servidio Eleventh District Commander (D11)
Rear Admiral Richard T. Gromlich Thirteenth District Commander (D13)
Rear Admiral Cari B. Thomas Fourteenth District Commander (D14)
Rear Admiral Daniel B. Abel Seventeenth District Commander (D17)

Other Coast Guard Field Commands
  Name Position
Rear Admiral Sandra L. Stosz Superintendent, Coast Guard Academy
Rear Admiral Scott A. Buschman Commander, Force Readiness Command (FORCECOM)
Dr. Gladys Brignoni Deputy Commander, Force Readiness Command (FORCECOM)
Rear Admiral Thomas W. Jones Director of Operational Logistics (DOL)

DOD Commands
  Name Position
Rear Admiral Joanna Nunan DHS Military Advisor to S-1
No Photo Available Rear Admiral Michael F. McAllister NORTHCOM Deputy Director of Operations (J-3)
Rear Admiral Karl L. Schultz SOUTHCOM Director of Operations (J-3)
Rear Admiral Kevin E. Lunday USCYBERCOM Director, Exercises and Training (J7)
Rear Admiral Stephen E. Mehling Director JIATF South
Rear Admiral James E. Rendon Director JIATF West

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