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Mentor Program > Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to become a Recruit Company Mentor?
Look for the solicitation ALCOAST message that is released each fall (September/October). There will be a link to the Mentor section of our website, which will direct you to most Current version of the Mentor Guide.
Are Mentor applications accepted continually throughout the year?
No. Mentor applications are only accepted in response to the ALCOAST up to the deadline listed in the message. In order to keep the application process fair to all, no applications will be accepted after the deadline has passed
How and when will I be notified of the selection results?
All applicants will be notified by the Battalion Officer via e-mail regardless of selection status (i.e. Selected, Alternate, Not Selected) prior to the Christmas Holiday once the final mentor list has been certified by the Commanding Officer.
Are travel expenses for the Company Mentor Program funded by TRACEN Cape May?
No. All travel related expenses should be funded by the unit or individual. The only exception to this is the CG-wide Leadership Award winners (i.e. Munro, Jarvis, Witherspoon, McShan, EPOY). Travel expenses for these individuals are funded by HQ. Although we do not fund travel, we do reserve a room in the UPH on base for each mentor to help defray lodging expenses. We highly recommend that you consult with your command prior to applying to ensure they will support your travel and time away from the unit to meet the obligations of the mentor program.
Who is eligible to apply to become a Recruit Company Mentor?
A. The requirements to become a company mentor are as follows: i Enlisted: E7 and above ii Officer: CWO2-4, O3 and above B. Being above the cut for E7 or selected but not promoted to O3 does not qualify. C. All O3 and below are required to submit a Command Endorsement with the application. This should address the applicant's ability to mentor and lead the recruits, and should indicate past and current demonstrated exceptional leadership performance, as well as command support for participation in the program (i.e. time away from unit, funding for travel etc.). Officers selected but not promoted to O4 are required to submit an endorsement.
How much time will I be required to obligate during the Mentor Process?
We reserve two hours of dedicated one-on-one time between you and the recruits for each visit. There are also additional opportunities to interact more with your company throughout training if you choose; you should consult with the Lead Company Commander for specifics regarding those opportunities. At a minimum, you should anticipate obligating travel days before and after the day of your visit, unless your unit is close enough to drive. The graduation visit also includes some activities the evening before, so you should plan to arrive by early Thursday afternoon.
I was not selected during this year's application process; do I need to re-apply next year?
Yes, if you were not selected during the application process for a given year you must re-apply per the ALCOAST that is released any subsequent year. This also applies to applicants who were selected as an Alternate, but did not serve as a mentor in the year of selection to the Alternate list.
I have applied multiple times to be a mentor, and have not been selected. What can I do to improve my chances of selection?
The mentor program is highly competitive with most years having around 130 applicants for an average of 35 spots. Do not take non-selection personally, there are just not enough spots for the number of highly qualified applicants we have. We do give extra consideration for members who have applied multiple times, so please keep applying! The best way to strengthen your application is by including examples that demonstrate strong leadership & mentoring. Your reasons for mentoring are also a key part of the application/selection process. Please remember that mentoring is all about benefiting the Recruits - not mentors or units.
What is the prescribed uniform for Mentor visits?
We leave the uniform choice up to you, and trust that you will represent the CG well in your appearance and grooming. However, most mentors will wear Tropical Blue or Service Dress Blue (depending on the season) for the first visit, ODU for the second visit and for the pizza party on Thursday evening before graduation. The uniform for graduation is Tropical Blue or Service Dress Blue (depending on the season).
Will I be given any information about the company I am mentoring prior to my visits?
Yes, you will be sent a 'read ahead' at least one week prior to each of your visits. This includes background information on the members of the company, and lets you know what they have been doing. Prior to your week 5 visit we will send you a list of the company orders (a hard copy will also be available when you arrive). This should help you prepare for the types of unit-related questions you will get during that visit.
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Last Modified 1/12/2016
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