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Training Center Cape May - The birthplace of the U.S. Coast Guard Enlisted Corps




In terms of pure leadership, this is one of the more challenging and satisfying jobs in the Coast Guard for enlisted personnel!

The 60 Recruit Company Commanders (RCCs) at Training Center Cape May are diverse and represent a wide selection of ratings, missions, and personnel within the Coast Guard organization.  A prospective RCC must be ready for a significant challenge that will require a high degree of dedication to the job and personal sacrifice in terms of physical, emotional and mental effort.  With this sacrifice comes the satisfaction of seeing the life-changing process that takes place week after week, whereby young men and women transform from civilian volunteers to military members of the United States Coast Guard.

Company Commanders are the direct trainers and supervisors of 60-80 recruits through the entire seven weeks of basic training. The goal of a RCC is to prepare a basically trained, physically fit, and smartly disciplined non-rate for service in the U.S. Coast Guard. A typical day for an RCC begins before reveille and includes the preparation of uniforms and a thorough review of the day’s events.  The mornings are spent squaring away squad bays and quarterdecks, teaching and reviewing Close Order Drill (COD) and Manual of Arms (MOA), and handling other administrative matters before the company departs for the day. During the training day, companies participate in a wide variety of evolutions, including physical fitness, classroom lectures, practical training, and basic military fundamentals such as inspections and military drill. One of the RCC’s primary roles is as an instructor.  They teach classes, conduct various physical fitness classes, and work extensively at developing the company’s overall military bearing and appearance.  If RCCs are not otherwise engaged with their company, they are conducting squad bay inspections and reviewing or making thorough documentation of individual recruit performance and behavior. In the evenings, RCCs spend a great deal of time running drills that aid in the development of teamwork, pride, and motivation by reinforcing the recruit training objectives of self-discipline, military bearing, esprit de corps, and the Core Values. Strict direction is provided and recruits are coached through these evolutions.  Company and individual performance is monitored and feedback is provided to the company as a group and through one-on-one counseling.


Personnel selected for duty as a Recruit Company Commander must first complete Company Commander School conducted under TAD orders to Training Center Cape May in either the winter or spring of the transfer year.  This six week program consist of classroom lectures, practical exercises, role-play scenarios, and case studies involving military drill, leadership, coaching, Standard Operating Procedures for Recruit Training, time and stress management and physical fitness.


Upon reporting PCS to Cape May, new RCCs go through an extensive qualification process.  This includes successfully passing an oral RCC qualification board, running three recruit companies, and completing an instructor and RCC PQS package.

This process takes approximately seven months. For those in pay grade E-6 and above, they can pursue additional qualification for certification as a Lead Company Commander. Collateral Duty assignments are used to give RCCs a change of pace from running recruit companies and providing additional opportunities to excel.  Those RCCs who are recognized as top performers are often chosen to represent the Training Center at various functions such as military funerals at Arlington National Cemetery, Presidential Inauguration events, judging JROTC competitions, and serving on the RCC cadre at the CG Academy to train 2/C Cadets in military drill and discipline fundamentals.  Duty as a Recruit Company Commander is truly a unique and rewarding experience that provides tremendous avenues for growth in leadership, administration, and career diversity.


Company Commander and other Recruit Regimental assignments are special duty assignments. Members interested in Company Commander duty must meet the minimum qualification below.

Minimum Qualifications

         You MUST be tour complete in assignment year 2016 to apply.

         You MUST meet the Special Assignments criteria outlined in Military Assignments and Authorized Absences, COMDTINST M1000.8 Arts. 1.E.2 and 1.E.8.

         This position requires three (03) years obligated service.  No waivers.

         Recruit Company Commander:  You must be an E-5, E-6, or E-7 (not above the cut for E-8).

         Section Commander: No vacancies expected at this position for an E-8 (not above the cut for E-9) in AY16.


Applications will be accepted until 31 August 2015or until all expected vacancies have been filled. Active duty applicants who submit outside the Special Assignment season (after 1 September) may be considered for duty if vacancies still exist however the applicants current assignment status will be carefully reviewed before a release from rate is entertained.

EAD opportunities will not be considered until after all Regular active duty assignments have been completed. Revisit the Special Assignments page (bottom) after September to see if the need exists.
Reservists desiring an RCC assignment via EAD must coordinate the use of ODT (through their local admin support office) for TDY orders to IDC/CC School PRIOR to the execution of actual EAD orders.

Competition and Interview Process

Applicants submit a package by the established deadline to EPM-2. After eligibility screening is conducted, packages are forwarded to the Program Manager at Cape May.  Cape May will schedule a telephone interview with the applicant.  TDY orders are not being issued to applicants at this time for interview purposes.  The Program Manager works very closely with EPM-2 to ensure the highest quality of personnel are selected for these demanding positions that require strict adherence to the Coast Guards Core Values.

are issued following selection.

AY16 Applicant Packages - Assemble as follow top to bottom:

  CO’s Endorsement See Note 1 for guidance.

  Member’s Memo  See Note 2 for guidance.

  Employee Review Summary printed from Direct Access. Remember to click on “Refresh” and then “View All” before printing this document to allow your most recent Employee Review information to appear.

  Career resume (2 pages) - Start with current unit and work towards date of entry into Service.  Assignment history must include unit, dates, rank, position/duties, education, and training.  Ensure home and work numbers are placed at the top of this resume.  An example of the Professional Resume is available at the top of the Special Assignments web page.

  Photos: Two digital full length photos, Tropical Blue (Note 3); Uncovered; one side view, one front view.

Note 1: Command (OINC, CO, or the delegated officer at large commands) Endorsement: (Use New Page/Second Page endorsement correspondence format) Endorsements are essential to the selection process and shall address each of these elements in bullet or paragraph format:

         Statement that the member meets the minimum qualifications in Military Assignments and Authorized Absences, COMDTINST M1000.8 Arts. 1.E.2 and 1.E.8;
Leadership.  The candidate’s interaction with others and influence amid personnel in the work place; their temperament, particularly during elevated or stressful situations; and their ability to take charge in a group setting.
Communication skills. Overall speaking ability; tact and diplomacy, confidence, and general interaction with speaking to large and small groups.
Military appearance and bearing.  Grooming, fitness, and presence in uniform.

Note 2: Coast Guard Memorandum not to exceed one page. (This is a basic three or four paragraph CG Memo.  Use each bullet below as the topic for a paragraph.)

The “TO” line should read:  CG PSC-epm-2. Your “THRU” line is your OinC or CO.

         First paragraph (can be expanded to two paragraphs):  Specifically address why you are interested in being a Recruit Company Commander.
Second paragraph:  Outline your current physical fitness regimen/routine.
Third paragraph:  State your marital status and number of dependents.

Note 3:  Personnel assigned to PATFORSWA:  Pictures can be taken in Desert BDUs.

The preferred method for receiving the application package is .pdf electronic files via email. Files must contain signatures.  If an e-copy package is transmitted a hard copy is not necessary or desired. E-mail to CWO Donald Wiley at:

If your only option is to mail via USPS, FEDEX, etc, the application shall be sent to:


Special Assignments
ARLINGTON VA 20598-7200

Be advised that mail delivery to CG PSC is delayed up to two weeks due security screening procedures at the DHS Sorting Facility.


Submit your E-resume on the date of package submission. For the E-resume, select the position that is equivalent to your rank upon reporting or the rank you will be advanced to if above the cut. The position choices are listed within the Special Assignments Shopping List.

Command Endorsement to the E-resume should read: “Highly recommended for CC duty. Member meets the minimum requirements as outlined in Military Assignments and Authorized Absences, COMDTINST M1000.8 Arts. 1.E.2 and 1.E.8. ”

Pay and Allowances and Benefits

Company Commanders receive SDAP and a Supplemental Uniform Allowance. A priority 3 reassignment code is earned upon successful completion of a tour.


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Last Modified 1/12/2016
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