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Request degree plans from your chosen schools


Once you’ve received responses from the schools that interested you, you should know what information each needs to create degree plans for you. They’ll definitely need a transcript from each college or university you’ve taken courses from in the past as well as transcripts of credits you acquired through military service. (The Army, Navy, and Marine Corps have web sites through which you can request transcripts of college credit you acquired through service in those branches.)

To have a transcript of your Coast Guard service credits sent to your chosen schools, submit an "Application for Transcript" (form CGI-1561) to the Coast Guard Institute. When the Institute receives this form, it will send a copy of your transcript to each school you’re interested in. From this transcript (plus any college, university, and/or DoD service transcripts you provide) the counselor will create a degree plan for you. This degree plan will list all courses

  • needed to complete your desired degree,

  • the school will consider completed (based on credit transferred from or earned elsewhere), and

  • you still need to complete to earn your degree.

If the college you choose to get your degree from is a member of Servicemembers’ Opportunity Colleges, you’ll receive what’s called a “SOC Agreement” after you complete the school’s residency requirement. The SOC Agreement will not only show which courses you’ve completed and which you still need to complete, but it will show the source of credits which count toward each required course and freeze the requirements for the degree you’re pursuing.

This last point is important because it will prevent the school from changing the degree requirements just before you’re ready to graduate (as has been done by some unscrupulous schools in the past).


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Last Modified 1/12/2016
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