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Determine want you want to major in


With the help of either an interest or career assessment, or the Occupational Outlook Handbook or all of these, you should now have a pretty good idea what major will be a good fit with your interests.

When choosing a major, remember that the field you major in doesn't have to relate to the field you want to work in.  Still, most people find that the field they want to major in strongly related to the field they want to work in.

This college-as-job-preparation perspective seems to have largely supplanted the traditional way of looking at college either as a providing time to "find oneself" (to use a dated phrase) before entering the world of work or as totally irrelevant to one's future career.  Even so, many people still do get academic degrees, degrees in subjects such as history, English, geography, European or Asian or Latin American studies, or a particular language which may be only tangentially related to specific career fields.

Are you thinking about a business degree?  Make sure it suits your needs before jumping into one.

You shouldn't feel pressured to pursue a major just because others are doing so or because you think you have to do so to find a decent job after college.

One useful tool for exploring what kinds of work might be available to you if you pursue a specific degree is What Can I Do With a Major In . . .  This web site (from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington) provides information on the relationship between specific degree majors, career fields, and job titles.

Another excellent web site is the CollegeBoard's "Majors & Career Central".

See also Is a Business Degree for Me? and Graduate School & Degrees.

And if you're still not sure what you want to major in, consider a general or liberal studies major.


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Last Modified 1/12/2016
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