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IMPORTANT!! -- Read this before enrolling in ANY school or requesting TA


The question I hear asked most often by people who want to start on their way to a college degree is, "What do I do now?"  My answer to that question is: "Follow the steps below."

There's nothing to prevent you from just diving in and registering at any accredited school for whatever course strikes your fancy.  But ask yourself a few questions first:

  • "What course am I going to take after I finish this one?  And the next one?  And the one after that?"

  • "Am I planning to get a degree from this school?"

  • If not, "Are the credits I earn at this school going to be transferable to the school I want to get my degree from?"

Just as it's a good idea to have a map before starting out on a long trip, it's a good idea to have a well-thought-out plan for getting your degree.  The steps below might add another month to your decision to start taking courses, but spending that time now will help you avoid a lot of wasted time and effort down the road.

NOTE: Of course, if you've already done what's indicated in any of the steps below you should skip it and go to the next one.


STEP #1 – Take College 101 course.


STEP #2 – Figure out what you want a degree for.


STEP #3– Determine want you want to major in.


STEP #4– Find colleges/universities which offer degrees in your desired major.


STEP #5– Request transcript from Coast Guard Institute.


STEP #6– Request degree plans from your chosen school(s).


STEP #7– Pick your first course.

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Last Modified 1/12/2016
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