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Many people in the Coast Guard – military and civilians alike – are unsure of what career fields best match their personal interests. While they might be extremely competent at what they're doing in the Coast Guard, they might have skills they would rather put to use in some other field. Your ESO may have on-hand any of the following tools (listed in alphabetical order) by which to assess your interests and possible ways to earn a living while pursuing those interests.


Campbell Interest and Skill Survey (CISS)


The Campbell Interest and Skill Survey is a contemporary survey that measures self-interests and skills. The CISS helps counselors obtain more complete career assessment information by providing an integrated measure of self-interests and skills. Similar to traditional interest inventories, the interest scale reflects the individual's degree of attraction for a specified occupational area. However, the CISS goes beyond traditional inventories by adding a parallel skill scale that provides an estimate of the individual's confidence in his or her ability to perform various occupational activities. Together, the two types of scales provide more comprehensive, and richer data than interests scores alone. The CISS focuses on careers that require post-secondary education and is most appropriate for use with individuals who are college bound. This is available both in paper and on-line.


Career Assessment Inventory (CAI) Enhanced Version


The Career Assessment Inventory helps with career decisions by measuring interests requiring a minimum of postsecondary education, such as community college, technical, or business school training. Basic interest scales give more specific information about a person's interests in 25 career areas such as electronics, medical service, and other occupations. Occupational scales relate to 111 specific careers and indicate the interest areas which the individual, have in common with employees who are successfully employed in that field. This tool is available in both a hard-copy format and an on-line version.


Holland Self-Directed Search (SDS)


The Holland Self-Directed Search helps individuals find the occupations that best suit their interests and skills. The easy to use format allows people to take the test, score it, and interpret it without assistance. The Occupational Finder contains over 1,300 occupational possibilities. In addition, the Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) Codes are provided for educational development levels of associated occupations.  This assessment is available only in a hard-copy format.


Strong Interest and Confidence Skills Inventory (SCI)


The Strong Interest Inventory measures a person's interest in careers requiring advanced technical or college training. Its purpose is to show you what fields you may succeed in, given your specific interests and values.  Many people are good at a certain job but don't like doing it.  Others like a particular job but aren't very good at it.  The Strong Interest Inventory's purpose is help you find fields you're both good at and are interested in.  It compares your interests with those of people who have been successful in various fields. This tool is available in hard-copy and on-line formats.


Kuder Journey


The Kuder Journey system is available on-line.

  • There are assessment tools to help you see how your interests, skills, and work values relate to career fields.

  • If you're interested in pursuing higher education, the system will show what types of education and/or training are required for specific career fields.

  • If you're transitioning into civilian employment, there are resources which enable you to find government and other employment opportunities, create a resume and cover letter, collect references, update interviewing skills, research employers, find employers in your desired geographic area, and locate available openings.

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Last Modified 1/12/2016
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