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To qualify for many academic and training programs, applicants must take a qualification test. Many of these qualification tests are available at little or no cost to Coast Guard personnel -- military and civilian -- and to spouses of military personnel.


ASVAB – to enter the Coast Guard, every enlisted person took the Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB). Once you are in the Coast Guard, if you find your ASVAB scores are not high enough to qualify for an "A" school or other educational or training program, you may retake one or more of the tests which make up the in-service version of the ASVAB, called the Armed Forces Classification Test (AFCT).


SAT Reasoning Test & ACT – certain scores on the Scholastic Assessment Test or American College Test are required for admission to many colleges, universities, and Coast Guard programs.


Placement tests – If you’re about to start taking college courses, the school you’ve chosen will likely require you to take placement tests for English and math.  These can be in a number of formats, but the most common are the on-line Accuplacer tests and paper-based tests created by schools themselves. 


DLPT – to qualify for Foreign Language Proficiency Pay, you'll have to achieve a certain score on the Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT) and be assigned to one of a fixed number of foreign language billets.


ASTB – The U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Aviation Selection Test Battery (sometimes erroneously referred to as the OAR) is required by the Coast Guard for applicants to flight training.


GRE (General) – just as the SAT or ACT is usually required for admission to most colleges and universities, applicants for graduate schools are usually required to take the Graduate Record Examination.  Some programs also require applicants to take one or more GRE subject tests.


GMAT – graduate programs in business administration usually require applicants to show evidence they took the Graduate Management Admission Test®.


LSAT – law schools require applicants to have taken the Law School Admissions Test.

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Last Modified 1/12/2016
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