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Links from this page to non-Coast Guard sites are provided as a customer service and do not represent any implicit or explicit endorsement by the United States Coast Guard of any commercial or private issues, products, or services presented there.


Most of the articles listed below are from, an on-line resource "dedicated to keeping you informed on all the latest trends which help manage a multitude of careers regardless of level." It also provides "advice and insight which help current job seekers stay one step ahead of the competition."

The Transition Process

The Learning Mindset: Winning in the Civilian Sector Education Background Check



How Not to Write a Résumé

Is Your Résumé Falling Down on the Job?

Is Your Résumé Recruiter Friendly?

Making Your Résumé Count

The Interviewable Résumé

Tips on Revising Your Old Résumé

Easiest Way to Spice Up Your Résumé

How to Overcome Résumé Writer's Block

Tips On Writing An Executive Résumé

More Than One Career Goal

Write a Recession-Effective Résumé

Your Résumé: 15 Seconds to Get My Attention

Get Your Résumé Ready for the Recession

How to Design Attention Grabbing Résumés

Avoid These 10 Common Pitfalls in Your Federal Résumé Work Experience Section

Posting vs. Blasting Your Résumé

3 Steps to Creating a Résumé Yourself

21 Ways to Improve Your Résumé

Get your résumé on top of the pile

Is It Time To Update Your Resume?

Stuck Writing or Rewriting Your Résumé?

Writing a Résumé that Generates Results

Critical Résumé Tips for Job Seekers

How to Improve Your Résumé's Looks

10 Common Résumé Pitfalls to Avoid

Online Résumé Not Generating Any Calls?

Résumé Alert! 3 Useless Phrases to Delete

What’s More Valued, Education or Experience?

5 Things to Tweak on Every Résumé You Send

Writing Military-to-Civilian Résumés: The "Transferability-of-Skills" Strategy


Cover Letters

Add Some Pizzazz To Your Cover Letter

Creating a Cover Letter to Die For

Junk Cover Letters Kill Good Resumes

The Secret to an Amazing Cover Letter

Amazing Cover Letter Secrets For You!

Greatest Cover Letter Secret Revealed

Two Powerful Types of Cover Letters

Junk Cover Letters Kill Good Résumés

Cover Letters That Get You Hired!

Ten Cover Letter Don'ts

Don't Blow Your Cover Letter

Tips On Creating The Perfect Cover Letter

How to Start Your Cover Letter with a BANG!

Ten Tips for Writing Amazing Cover Letters

How to Write an Amazing Cover Letter

7 Keys to a Successful Cover Letter

A New Kind of Job Search Cover Letter?

4 Cover Letter Secrets to Land Interviews

Do You Make This Cover Letter Mistake?

Let Your Cover Letter Do the Talking

Start Your Cover Letter with a BIG Bang

7 Easy Steps to Cover Letter Success

Cover Letter Secrets for Tough Times

Hot New Tips for Writing a Cover Letter

Tricks to Get Your Cover Letter Read

Write Attention Grabbing Cover Letters

Write a Cover Letter that Lands Interviews



Interview Chit-Chat Pays Off

Making the Most of Marathon Interviews

Avoid These Interview Bloopers

Seven Deadly Interview Sins

How to Ace a Job Interview

9 Tips to Prepare for a Job Interview

10 Overused Phrases Interviewers Hate

Your Job Interview "Manners" Matter!

10 To-Do Rules To Use in a Job Interview

The Worst Interview Mistakes To Avoid

5 Questions Interviewers Always Ask

How to Block Stress - Before the Interview!

Interviewing Etiquette

7 Mistakes to Avoid in Job Interviews

Deadly Mistakes Made In Job Interviews

Mastering the Phone Interview

How to Stand Out on Your Next Job Interview

5 Ways to Look Relaxed During a Job Interview

4 Ways To Answer Any Question Without Being Paralyzed By Fear

How to Answer “Bad” Interview Questions With “Good” Answer

Ready for an Unexpected Job Interview?

Two Killer Interview Tips

Secrets to phone interview success

How To Interview Like a Pro

The Rules of Informational Interviewing

Keep it Professional

6 Things to Do Before Your Job Interview

Improve Your Interviewing Skills In Hours

Secret Tip For Tough Interview Questions

7 Tips for Successful Federal Interviews

Five Guidelines on the Art of Interviewing

Interview Bloopers & How to Correct Them

Body Language in Interviews

“To-Do” Rules for Job Interviews

Questions to Ask During a Job Interview

Actions & Phrases that are Job Interview Suicide

10 Top Mistakes People Make in Job Interviews

Tips to Boost Your Job Interview Confidence

Successfully Closing the Interview

The Mother of All Interview Questions and How to Answer It


Interview Follow-up 

Follow Up The Right Way

3 Mistakes to Avoid After a Job Interview

Tips on leaving Smart Voice Mails

Bad Job Interview?  4 Good Ways to Learn from It


The Job Search 

Change Your Job Search Strategy

FAQs about Job Hunting Online

Four Job Search Lessons

Job Search with the Buddy System

New Ideas for Your Job Search

Run Your Job Search Like A Startup

Steps to Getting Your Dream Job

Tips for a Holiday Job Search

Tips on Job Hunting for Job Seekers

Tips to Jumpstart Your Job Search

How To Attack Your Job Search

Job Search Words of Wisdom

10 Things a Job Seeker Should Know

How to Job Hunt From Your Current Job

Finding a Job at a Career Fair

Still Pounding the Pavement

Jumpstart Your Summer Job Search

Top 10 Reasons You're Not Finding a Job

Top-Five Qualities Employers Look For

Why Are You Failing to Get a New Job?

Beyond the Online Job Boards

Conducting a Proactive Job Search Campaign

3 Job Search Success Factors

Win The Job Search Game!

Great Job Search Tips

Happy New Job in 2007

New Tool for Online Job Searches

Tips for a Holiday Job Search

Prove It and Get Hired

Five Tips for Finding a New Job

Stop Being a Job Seeker

Stand Out Online to Land the Job

Six Reasons Recruiters Will Talk to You

Tips For Entry-Level Job Seekers

How To Get A Good Job

Be Prepared When Employers Call You

Avoid These Deadly Job Search Sins

Finding Work in a Tough Job Market

How Effective is Online Job Hunting?

7 Deadly Sins of the Job Search

Tips For Frustrated Job Hunters

12 Biggest Mistakes of Federal Job Seekers

Find Your Uniqueness in Today's Job Market


Career vs. Job

Avoid These Common Career Blunders

Boost Your Career During Summer

Does Your Personality Match Your Career

Find Your Perfect Work

Finding a Career That's Right for You

Quit Your Job - Get a Life

The Path of Career Success

Tips for Finding Your Perfect Job Match

Disaster Response

From "Just A Job" To Your Dream Career

Finding A Job That Fits You

Finding a Job That's Right For You

Make Your New Year's Career Resolution

Rich Career, Poor Career

Tips On Finding Your True Career Calling

Is Business Ownership for You?

Build Your Career on Your Strengths

Making a Career Out of a Hobby

Try a Trade

12 Steps to Job Security

Top Four Methods to Land Your Dream Job


Time to Change Jobs or Careers?

Five Signs It's Time to Find a New Job

Is Earning a Living Stopping You?

Is Your Job Killing You?

Keep the Day Job - Launch a Sideline

Mobilizing an Unplanned Job Search

Switching Career Paths During Hard Times

The Top 7 Traps When Moving from Business to Government

Are You Pursuing the Right Career?

Are You Ready for Your Big Break?

Is Business Ownership For You?

A New Year, A New Career

Considering a Career Change?

Does Your Career Need a Second Act?

Grass Isn't Always Greener When You Leave Military



Benefits of Personal Goal Setting

Tips On Getting The Job You Really Want

Identify Your Long-Term Career Goals



Build Your Rolodex of Contacts

Holiday Networking Tips

Network Your Way to a New Job

Smart Ways to Use Your Business Card

How to Find a Job on Craigslist

Job Search Networking Traps To Avoid

Networking Your Way into a Civilian Career

The Practical Realities of Networking

10 Networking Tips Using Business Cards

Networking Business Cards

Career Networking During a Recession

Using Your Social Network

New Strategies to Get Noticed by Employers



Mentors Buoy Your Education Tips for Finding a Great Mentor



10 Reasons to Work From Your House

3 Real Jobs You Can Do From Home

You Don't Have to Ditch the Day Job

Entrepreneur Life vs Corporate Life

Sell Shares of Future Earnings for Start-up Cash

Best-Paying Jobs You Can Do From Anywhere

Is Self-Employment for You?

The World's Highest Paid Profession

How To Increase Your Monthly Income

10 Myths About Self-Employment

Insider Tips For a Successful Solo Career

The Myth of the Entrepreneurial Personality


Workplace Relations

Mind Your Mobile Manners

Four Steps to Better Work Boundaries

Be Gutsy at Work

Co-worker Relations: Defuse Tension with Tact



Career Assessment Dos and Don'ts

Education Expenses = Tax Credits

Getting Back in the Game

Job Seekers Don’t Blow Your Cover

Land A New Better Paying Job

Multipurpose e-Portfolios

Boosting Your Career During a Recession

Plan For New Job Success

Jobless? Tips to Get Back to Work

The Right Way to Quit Your Job

Consider Using an Approach Letter

How to Apply for a Federal Job

Top 15 High-paying Jobs for Veterans

Surefire Strategies to Grow in Your Career

5 Things That Scream “I’m Unprofessional”

How a New Jobless Era Will Transform America

Best-Paying Jobs for Bachelor’s Degree Holders

15 Worst-Paying College Degrees

Build Your Brand Before Your Résumé

Ten Steps to a Federal Job for Veterans

Education Effect on Fed'l Job Opportunities

Government, Military Face Severe Shortage Of Cybersecurity Experts

Five Surprising $100K Jobs That Don’t Require a Degree

It’s Now What You Know That Matters - Not Who You Know

How to Gain Leadership Experience in an Entry-level Job

The Pros and Cons of Temporary Work

Start Working Before You Get Hired

Strategy To Boost Your Credibility

Tips on Salary Negotiation

When To Look For A New Job

Don't Slack Off During Holidays

What to Do if You Lose Your Job

Get Experience: Land a Cool Internship

Important Tax Tips for Job Seekers

More Employers are Hiring Again

The Top 10 Hardest Jobs to Fill

The Skills Every Employer Wants

Keep Your Career Moving Forward

Assessing the Value of a College Degree

Business and Trade Magazines Land Jobs

Sharpen Your Salary Negotiation Skills

The Best Way to Get Hired, in Any Economy

Out of Work?  Time to Update Your Job Skills!

The Best Jobs For Young People

The 20 Best-Paying Jobs For People Persons

Top 8 Reasons You Weren't Hired

Some Hot Professions Face Lukewarm Prospects

10 Reasons Employers Want to Hire Military Veterans

Refine Your Online Image: 10 E-Savvy Tips for Career Survival

Best Jobs That Don’t Require A Bachelor’s Degree

A College Degree Sorts Job Applicants, but Employers Wish It Meant More

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