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Links from this page to non-Coast Guard sites are provided as a customer service and do not represent any implicit or explicit endorsement by the United States Coast Guard of any commercial or private issues, products, or services presented there.


The purpose of the articles on this page is to give parents of college-bound students, military personnel considering or already pursuing a degree, and ESOs a broader view of higher education options and topics than they can find in the much touted U.S. News & World Report annual college rankings.  They're from various sources, grouped into rough categories.


Choosing a School or Major

Does It Matter Where You Get Your College Degree?

College transfers can muddy quality of experience

Now That You've Been Accepted: How to Choose Your University

Business Executives Aren't Focused on Your Major

Public College Can Pave Your Way to Success


Is an undergraduate degree from an elite private college worth the cost?

Private College: Is the Larger Loan Worth the Investment?

Accreditation and the Transfer of Credits and Degrees

Ivy League vs. state school – Will an expensive school really pay off in the long run with a better job?

I Know I'm Supposed To Follow My Passion. But What If I Don't Have A Passion?


Financing College

How to save thousands on student loans

The Subprime Student Loan Racket

Got Student Debt?

Obama's 'Pay as You Earn' Plan for Student Borrowers Becomes Official

Education Expenses = Tax Credits

4 Ways to Cut College Costs

A Common Myth About College Financial Aid


Measuring Quality of Higher Education

Measuring What Matters

How to Assess the Real Payoff of a College Degree

Higher Ed's Bermuda Triangle


Success in College

Admired, Not Read

Ten Tips for College-Bound Veterans

How to Teach Kids to Read Critically

New IT literacy test may benefit students, colleges

4 Smart Ways to Boost Your Teen’s SAT Score (for Less)

How College-Bound Students of Color Should Prepare for Life on a Predominantly White Campus

Complex reading is key to college success

Importance of General Education Courses

College Readiness: A Checklist for Parents

6 Strategies Can Help Entering Community-College Students Succeed

Community-College Degree Often Smooths the Path to a B.A.

Student Motivations for Going to College to Their Success


Community College

America's Best Community Colleges

The College that was Built to Teach


Professional School (business, law, medicine, etc.)

The Management Myth: Most of management theory is inane; If you want to succeed in business, don’t get an M.B.A.

The Interplay Between Law School Rankings, Reputations, and Resource Allocation: Ways Rankings Mislead

The Creation of Legal Dependency: Law School in a Nutshell



What Makes a Great Teacher?

A Note on Teach for America

Building a Better Teacher


Marketing Higher Education

The Marketing of the Colleges

The Big Payoff: Educational Attainment and Synthetic Estimates of Work-Life Earnings

The No-Frills Campus

Colleges' Hottest New Major: Terror – Campuses Altering Courses, Tapping Into Homeland Security Funds


For-Profit Colleges & Universities

For-Profit Colleges Target the Military

Leveling the Field: What I learned from for-profit education

Undercover Probe Finds Lax Academic Standards at Some For-Profit Colleges

Steve Eisman's Next Big Short: For-Profit Colleges

Study Finds Mixed Results for Students Attending For-Profit Colleges

Demographics Do Not Explain For-Profit Colleges’ Shortcomings on Student-Success Measures, GAO Says


Learning a New Language

Learning to Speak a Language from Day One Guide to Autodidactic Foreign Language Study

The 5 Ways We Learn Languages – and Which Style Is Right for You



Big jobs that pay badly

College grads back in demand

The Drama of the Gifted Parent

The Early-Decision Racket

Is Our Students Earning?

Assessing the Value of a College Degree

Few high school grads ready for college

Transformation 101

The Health of E-learning: Sickly or Soaring?

Grade inflation takes a toll on students

Top Ten Things Employers Look for in New College Graduates

The Missing Middle: Aligning Education and the Knowledge Economy

Penn State's President Warns of Coming Crisis in U.S. Education

Justified Jargon: Yet Another New Word for a Serious Reality – (employers moving away from highly specialized workers to employees who are more agile in changing environments and who possess more breadth as well as depth of knowledge)

Asleep at the Seal

2-Year Start on the Future

3 Most Common Education Questions

College for $99 a Month

Inside the Higher Ed Lobby

Failure to Launch

Commercialization of Education

8 Ways to Boost Your ACT/SAT Scores

The Truth About a Liberal Arts Education

What Makes a Top-Tier Online Education?

Confessions of a Prep School College Counselor

Multipurpose e-Portfolios: Catalysts for Lifelong Learning Ownership

The Next Starbucks?  How massage went from the strip club to the strip mall

A College Degree Sorts Job Applicants, but Employers Wish It Meant More

Is AP too good to be true?  Critics fear the rapid spread of Advanced Placement classes is diluting quality


Higher Education Web Sites


Inside Higher Ed - "the online source for news, opinion and jobs for all of higher education. Whether you’re an adjunct or a vice president, a grad student or an eminence grise, we’ve go-t what you need to thrive in your job or find a better one: breaking news and feature stories, provocative daily commentary, areas for comment on every article, practical career columns, and a powerful suite of tools to help higher education professionals get jobs and colleges identify and hire employees."

CollegeWeekLive - "CollegeWeekLive (CWL) is a two-day virtual college fair to help prospective students in their college planning by connecting them with colleges in a live, interactive environment.  The event draws thousands of students from the US and abroad and over 200 major colleges.  Attendance is free."

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Last Modified 1/12/2016
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