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Student Information

Uniform of the Day:  Tropical Blue Long or ODUs (jackets/sweaters are advisable - computer labs tend to be cold). When attending a maintenance course, working uniforms are also authorized.

Class Hours/Student Check-In:  All classes begin at 0800, normally ending at 1600, with one hour for lunch.  All students check in at the C3CEN main desk no later than 0745 on the first day of class.

Berthing:  Students will be berthed per individual student orders issued from TQC. All students under per diem orders should make their reservations at one of the local hotels. Our Lodging page provides information about area hotels. 

Transportation:  Base Portsmouth is not equipped to provide for student transportation. Taxis to/from the Norfolk International airport may be as high as $50.00.  More reasonable fares can be obtained from the airport limousine services, such as Groome Transportation ($22 for one occupant, $28 for two, etc.). Rental vehicles are issued by TQC to selected students who are assigned Per Diem orders. For additional information/concerns related to rental vehicles contact TQC. Visitor passes are required at Base Portsmouth. Visitor passes may be obtained at the base security/pass office. Click here for directions to the base.

Parking: Ample parking is available for students adjacent to C3CEN. Click here for C3CEN Base Map.

Extreme Foul Weather Procedures:  In case of extreme foul weather, call the C3CEN Foul Weather Hotline at 757-483-8446 and follow the instructions given. 

Student Questions/Concerns:  Submit all quota requests (via short term training request) or questions regarding quotas, per diem, berthing and transportation to TQC. Submit course specific questions/concerns to the C3CEN Training Program Manager or contact the applicable C3CEN office via telephone.

Training Branch Chief/Training Program Manager: (757) 686-4238

Operator Course Section Chief: (757) 686-4016

Maintenance Course Section Chief: (757) 483-8652

Course Development Section Chief: (757) 686-4003

Training Program Facilitator/Student Affairs: (757) 686-2130

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Last Modified 10/22/2014