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The Coast Guard Aviation Training Center (ATC) in Mobile, Alabama is a multi-mission unit, acting as  the Coast Guard's aviation and capabilities development center, as well as an operational air station. Training is conducted to qualify Coast Guard pilots in the HU-25 "Guardian", the MH-60 "Jayhawk", the MH-65 "Dolphin" , the HC-130 Hercules, the HC-130J Hercules, and the  HC-144 "Ocean Sentry."  All pilots initially trained at ATC return once a year for a one week proficiency course in their designated airframe.  Serving within the Coast Guard's Force Readiness Command's Training Division (FC-T), the ATC Mobile evaluation center is responsible for ensuring that Coast Guard aviation forces are using the best equipment and tactics to successfully complete all required missions. The Operations Division, flying the HC-144A Ocean Sentry, is a segment within the ATC command that conducts traditional Coast Guard air station missions including Search and Rescue, Homeland Security, and Environmental Protection.  The Operations Division operates under the tactical control of the Eighth Coast Guard District and has area of responsibility that extends from the Louisiana/Texas border to the eastern edge of the Florida panhandle.

Commanding Officer: Captain Thurman T. Maine

CAPT Tom Maine comes home to ATC Mobile from his most recent assignment as the Coast Guard Liaison Officer (CGLO) to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, where he had served since June, 2009.  As CGLO, he was the senior liaison between the Commandant of the Coast Guard and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and additionally served as the Joint Staff’s Homeland Defense Division Chief under the Director for Operations (J3).  As such, he was responsible for Joint Staff coordination of all homeland defense operations and theater security missions within the USNORTHCOM area of responsibility.

Prior to his assignment in the Pentagon, Captain Maine was the Executive Officer of Coast Guard Air Station (CGAS) New Orleans, where he flew the HH-65C ‘Dolphin’ and was responsible for daily operations and administration of the Coast Guard’s busiest all-helicopter Search and Rescue (SAR) unit.full text


The Aviation Training Center is committed to be the model Coast Guard aviation and support unit. We balance the needs of our people, our organizational commanders, and the public, in our plans, policies, and operations. When making decisions, we first consider how our actions will affect our people, by identifying, eliminating or minimizing the risks associated with those decisions in order to ensure mission safety. We recognize that if we support, respect, and challenge our people, they will deliver superior service and continuous improvement.


The mission of the Aviation Training Center (ATC) is to produce mission ready aircrews and develop aviation capabilities. We provide core training for rotary wing and fixed wing pilots, rescue swimmers and aircrews for air stations Coast Guard wide. We also serve as the Coast Guard's aviation capabilities development center. We provide direct aviation support to Coast Guard Atlantic Area and the Eighth Coast Guard District. We provide health and administrative services to military families throughout the Mobile metropolitan area, in order to enhance their ability to support Coast Guard operations. We strive to ensure the safe accomplishment of all mission tasking by implementing Coast Guard Safety and Health Programs that provide all employees and their families a safe and healthful environment.

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