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ATC Patch

Aviation Training Center (ATC)

Mobile, Alabama

Serving the Coast Guard Aviation Community

Information Resource Management Office (IRM)

Welcome to ATC's Information Resource Management office where through team work possibilities are endless and your skills and ingenuity is key in the success of providing superior computer, telephony and network services. Make a difference in how we serve several hundred customers, service several hundred workstations, and a host of peripheral equipment, document centers, fax and digital sending devices and several hundred telephone extensions. We are responsible for the cable plant which consists of single and multimode fiber running between buildings and copper throughout.

If you're thinking about joining the Information Resource Management office you'll be heavily involved in projects that go beyond standard workstation III support. You're encouraged to think outside the box and find innovative solutions to difficult problems for the purpose of working smarter not harder. You'll have many opportunities to improve upon and gain new skills that are certain to exceed your expectations and prove to be invaluable long after your tour here.


Last Modified 1/12/2016