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Aviation Engineering Department (AvEng)

Aviation Training Center, Mobile, Alabama

The Coast Guard Aviation Training Center's Aviation Engineering Department is the largest aviation engineering department within the Coast Guard, providing mission ready aircraft and crews for both the Coast Guard's Flight School and the operational Air Station. With approximately 14 officers, 300 enlisted personnel, and 16 aircraft, ATC's Aviation Engineering Department is one of only two air stations in the Coast Guard to maintain three separate airframes as well as being home to two Prime Units.

MH-60 MH-65 HC-144 HC-144 Prime
Support Shop ALSE Shop ALSE Prime  
05 Rank Engineering Officer (EO): 251-441-6407
04 Rank Assistant Engineering Officer (AEO):  251-441-6951
E6 Rank Engineering Administration Petty Officer:  251-441-5160
E9 Rank Leading Chief Petty Officer (LCPO):   251-441-6666
E7 Rank LCPO Assistant: 251-441-6094
  Engineering Department Fax: 251-441-6963


Last Modified 1/12/2016