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Auto Hobby Shop 


A 6 bay, 4 lift, self-help facility is located at the MWR building.  In addition, the hobby shop also offers a tire balancer, tire changer, oil recycling, and various other automotive tools and equipment. 


1)      Vehicles must be “guided” on to lifts by Hobby Shop Attendant.

2)      Lifts must be operated by Hobby Shop Attendant

3)      Bays must/will be cleaned and tools returned prior to check out. 

All Hobby Shop Patrons must agree to and sign the Safety Agreement

 I understand that I am responsible for the loss, damage, cleanliness and safe operation of all equipment used or operated in the Hobby Shop.  I agree to not hold the Coast Guard or any instrumentality of the Coast Guard responsible for accidents or injuries incurred while the equipment is in my possession.  At no time will I allow inexperienced or unauthorized persons to use Hobby Shop tools.


No credit or debit cards accepted

Morale, Well-Being and Recreation

Last Modified 1/12/2016