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Security Levels

TA Authorization Process Education Services Officer
WebTA Authorization
  • Once WebTA is approved, an email notification is sent to the member.
  • The member has to log in to NKO and download the TA Authorization form.
  • You will not be sent a notification or a copy of the Authorization.
Paper-based TA Authorization
  • Both you and the member will receive a copy of the TA Authorization form via email.
  • Retain your copy. Members are instructed to ask you for a copy if they don't receive the Authorization within 14 days.
What should the member do with the TA Authorization?
  • Member should check all information is correct, sign and keep a copy of the Authorization.
  • Member should write their SSN on the Authorization and take it to their college the day of registration.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: The academic institution accepts the TA Authorization form and sends invoice to the NETPDTC address for payment. Institution representatives with questions concerning payment may send email to Members shall not submit invoices they have received from the institution to NETPTDC for payment. In this situation, the ESO will intervene with the institution and advise school officials of the process for invoicing payments.
Example of a TA Authorization

TA Authorization Form
Last Modified 1/12/2016