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Training Videos Education Services Officer
How to order DVDs
Available Videos
Course Code Title Description
0802 Hypothermia Hypothermia/Cold Water Survival
0803 Premob Pre-Mobilization Legal Counseling for Reservist and UCMJ
0804 Believe Because They Believe (Roles and Missions)
0805 Assist Legal Assist and Consumer Information
0807 TQM A Matter of Choice
0809 Online All the Time Online All the Time (CG Planned Maintenance System Program)
0810 UCMJ Code of Conduct
0811 Voices Listen to the Voices (Alcohol Awareness)
0812 First 72 Hours First 72 Hours at at New Unit
0813 Profile of a USCG African American Civil Rights
0814 Work Smarter Not Harder TQM
0816 JPC Judgmental Pistol Course (Note: For Boarding Officers and SAI's ONLY)

The time length of these DVDs vary from 10 to 120 minutes per topic. ESOs should preview the contents for applicability prior to showing the DVD at the unit. These DVDs should be incorporated as a supplement to the unit's overall training program.

Last Modified 1/12/2016