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EOCT Question Challenges Education Services Officer
EOCT question challenge policies
  • A member can challenge any question or multiple questions on an end-of-course test.
  • The member can only challenge question(s) during and immediately after the test. No challenges will be accepted once the member leaves the testing area.
  • ESOs may explain the challenge policy and procedure to members. However, ESOs shall NOT interpret questions, discuss exam topics or assist in solving any problem or question.
EOCT question challenge procedures
  • ESOs should provide the member with copies of the EOCT Challenge Question Worksheet along with the test booklet.
  • The member may fill out the worksheets either during testing or immediately upon completion. The completed worksheets must be given to the ESO before the member leaves the testing area.
  • ESOs then submit the challenge to the Rating Knowledge Manager (RKM) via the Submit an EOCT Question Challenge link in the CST section of TACCTS.
  • Before submitting the challenge, the ESO should review the Question Credit Listing in the CST section of TACCTS. If the question already appears on that list, it has already been challenged and approved. All members receive credit for the question regardless of their answer selection. Therefore the ESO should not resubmit the questions challenge to the RKM.
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Last Modified 6/12/2015