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Security Levels

Authorized TA Expenses and Caps Active Duty Member
TA Annual Cap
TA Hourly Caps
High School Completion Programs
Developmental Courses
Fee Authorized Not Authorized
Laboratory/Studio/Shop/Library Authorized  
Internet (for distance learning courses) Authorized  
Application/Entrance/Enrollment (unless these fees are identified by the school as "fees in lieu of tuition")   Not Authorized
Record Maintenance   Not Authorized
Student Activity/Student ID   Not Authorized
Parking   Not Authorized
Technology/Resource Authorized  
Equipment, manuals, text books that become the property of the student   Not Authorized
Non-consumable materials   Not Authorized
Assembled items available commercially; computers, tools, televisions, robots   Not Authorized
Flight time; flying lessons; or non-credit aviation classes   Not Authorized
Last Modified 1/12/2016