U.S. Coast Guard Lightships

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A photo of Light Vessel Number 69

Original caption: "Scotland Lightship #69.  Distance 400 feet, Direction West.";
29 July 1936; no photo number; photo "taken by Lamb."



BUILDER: Bath Iron Works

APPROPRIATION: $200,000 (Used 1889 appropriation for building a lighthouse on Outer Diamond Shoal)



DESIGN: Steam screw-composite hull (steel frame with wood bottom and steel plated topsides); 2 masts with lantern galleries: stack amidships

LENGTH: 122' l0" (loa); BEAM: 29' 6"; DRAFT: 13' 6" (depth); TONNAGE: 590 displ.

PROPULSION: Steam-one single cylinder surface condensing engine, 22" bore x 20" stroke, 350 IHP; coal fired main boiler 113" dia x 122" long; 4 bladed propeller 8' dia; max speed 8 1/2 knots; also rigged for sail

ILLUMINATING APPARATUS: Cluster of three 100cp electric lens lanterns permanently mounted in gallery at each masthead

FOG SIGNAL: 12" steam chime whistle; hand operated 1000-lb bell


Steel stem, keel, framing, and bilge strake with diagonal steel bracing keel to sheer; wood planked from keel to main deck level; steel plated from main deck level to weather deck-
1897: Jun 17, launched-
1897: Equipped with special submersible mooring buoy to relieve strain on chain-
1907: Equipped with submarine bell signal-
1919: Equipped with radio-
1920: Original electric illuminating apparatus replaced with single acetylene lens lantern at each masthead-
1932: Equipped with radio-beacon


1897-1901: Diamond Shoal (NC)**
1901-1925: Overfalls (DE)
1925-1936: Scotland (NJ)

**(1898 May 3-Sep 18, temporary duty as lighthouse tender during Spanish American War.  LV 71 marked the Diamond Shoal station during this period)

(During the period 1898-1901, LV 69 and LV 71 alternately relieved each other on the Diamond Shoal station)


An appropriation of $200,000 was made Mar 2, 1889 for construction of a lighthouse on Outer Diamond Shoal off Cape Hatteras. Preliminary efforts were unsuccessful and the appropriation was later used in part to construct LV 69-

1897: Aug, delivered by contractor to Staten Island Depot; fitted out & supplied then towed to Portsmouth VA Sep 26 to received special mooring buoy; towed to Diamond station and positioned by tender MAPLE about midnight Sep 29; activated lights at 0200 Sep 30 - 14 5/8 mi. SE 3/8 E from Cape Hatteras Light-

Special mooring arrangement described as having the chain led thru center of a cubical mooring buoy at 45 fathoms, which when drawn under water would relieve the anchor from direct strain by the vessel. Found unsatisfactory Feb 26, 1898 when chain chafed thru hawsepipe of buoy which then sank; replaced with 1st Class can buoy shackled on at 45 fathoms but caused problems with vessel fouling chain and buoy. Spherical buoy then proposed and designed -- no results recorded-

1898: Construction defects discovered-deck leaks making quarters unusable; donkey boilers improperly insulated and unusable due to fire hazard, and not adequate to power the fog signal; electric plant inadequate-

1898: Mar 9, relieved (by LV 71) for examination & repair; 3878 vessels recorded as passing the station since LV 69 arrived

1898: May 23-Sep 18, served as lighthouse tender during Spanish American War (when tender MAPLE taken by Navy), steaming 3,400 miles in the process; Sep 18, towed to Baltimore for overhaul; replaced on Diamond Shoal Nov 24-

1899: Jan 6, dragged off station in gales Jan 6-12, Feb 1, Feb 14, Apr 4 Apr 10 During the year 5, 146 vessels passed the station-

1899: During a hurricane commencing Aug 1.5, and with engine full ahead during most of the period, vessel driven ashore near Creeds Hill Lifesaving Station NC Aug 18; All hands landed by lifesaving crew; Sep 23, refloated and repaired in Baltimore; extensive repairs to underwater planking, boilers & machinery 1900 Sep 2, resumed station, replacing LV 71 placed there after hurricane-

1901: Feb 17, withdrawn & replaced by LV 72; transferred to 4th District and hauled for repair at Portsmouth VA-

1901: Mar 1, placed on Overfalls (DE) replacing LV 46

1904: Carried off station or withdrawn due to moving ice Feb 17-29 and Feb 11-26-

1901 thru 1906: relieved periodically (by LV 72 & 78) for repairs-

1907: Jan 15, submarine bell signal placed in operation-

1916: Jun-Dec, withdrawn; replanked and recoppered; new tankage installed; machinery overhauled - $23,876.22-

1925: Transferred to 3d District and placed on Scotland (NJ)




1897- 1898: August E Mom, Master
1898: Frederick H Sparling, Master
1898-1899: August E Blom, Master
1900-1901: Joseph Connor, Master
1901-?: Samuel S Baxter, Master
?-1914: Alfred Johansen, Mate
1914: James McAuley, Mate
1914-1918: Frank Tilghman, Mate
1918-1924: Andrew J Tarr, Mate
1919-1924: Alfred Johansen, Master
1921-1923: Frank Tilghman, Mate
1924-?: Andrew J Tarr, Master
1925-1927: Frank J Wynn, Mate
1927: Timothy F Lane, Mate
1927: John A Veseth, Mate
1936-1937: Kolb Skari, Mate
1937-?: Ralph S Logan, Master

194?-1945: George F. Harrison, Master

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