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Caleb Cushing, (Cushing), 1853

Caleb Cushing served as the Attorney General during the Administration of President Franklin Pierce.

TYPE/RIG/CLASS: Cushing Class, 1853

BUILDER: James M. Hood, Somerset, Massachusetts

LAUNCHED: 12 July 1953

DISPOSITION: Captured, destroyed 1863


DIMENSIONS:  86' deck x 21 8" beam x 8 draft

RIG: Topsail Schooner

COMPLEMENT: 13 + Officers

ARMAMENT: 1 x 12-pounder (as launched); 1 x 9-pound cannonade (1860); 1 x 32-pounder; 21 carbines; 25 cutlasses (1861)


These vessels were significantly larger than those built in the same year by Page and Allen.  They were also quite different from the Joe Lane and class; about 10 feet shorter on deck and 2 feet deeper in the hold. 


Officially named the Caleb Cushing, she was built by James M. Hood of Somerset, Massachusetts and Revenue Captain M. L. Coste supervised her construction.  The Caleb Cushing was launched 12 July 1853.  She was stationed at Portland, Maine.  Her first commanding officer was Revenue Captain Green Walden.  He assumed command of the cutter on 5 October 1853 after she was fitted out in New York harbor.  At the onset of the Civil War she was ordered to Boston where she was rearmed with a single 32-pounder placed in the aft part of the vessel and small arms were increased for the crew.

She was captured by a boarding party from the Confederate raider Archer under command of Lieutenant Charles Read, CSN, on 27 June 1863 at Portland, Maine.  Read torched the cutter to prevent her recapture.  Her magazine exploded, destroying the cutter though without loss of life.


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