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U.S. Coast Guard Historian's Office Website

photo of the Historians Office Atkins Building at St. Elizabeths, US Coast Guard headquarters

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Links to subjects (listed in alphabetical order)

African-American History

Aids to Navigation

Air Operations

Air Stations

Aircraft (various types of aircraft, both fixed-wing and helicopters)



Archives (Coast Guard Historical Archive)


Artifacts (Historic Artifacts, their preservation & the Coast Guard Artifact Program)

Asian American and Pacific Islander History


Aviation History

Battle Streamers

Bear (USRC, USCGC, USS Bear)



Books in Print on Coast Guard History

Buoy Tenders

Captains of the Port & Port Security


Chaplain of the Coast Guard

Civil War

Coast Guard Historian's Office

Coloring Books

Commandants (CCG): (Previous); (Current)

Commissioned Officers (History of)

Core Values


D-Day (Normandy, 6 June 1944)


Disasters (Maritime) (Natural)

Documents (Historically Important Documents, Publications & Papers)

Donations to the Historical Program (documents, photographs, artifacts, scrapbooks, etc.)

Drawings (Architectural)

Drug Interdiction

Enlisted Personnel (History of)

Environmental Protection

Famous Coast Guardsmen


Flag Officers (Retired) (Current)

Flags, Pennants & Streamers

Frequently Asked Questions


Hispanic-American History

Historian's Office

Historic Documents


History Near You

Hurricane Relief Operations

Ice Operations (including Icebreaking, Arctic & Antarctica Operations)

Interdiction (Law Enforcement)

Kids & Teachers (coloring books, lesson plans, etc.)

Korean War

Law Enforcement


Library (Historical Reference Library)

Life Saving Service

Light Stations

Lighthouse Board

Lighthouse Drawings (Architectural)

Lighthouse Establishment

Lighthouse Lenses

Lighthouse Service

Lighthouses & ATON


Logos (including flags, pennants, seals & streamers)


Logbooks (Cutters & Stations)

Manuals (official publications)

Marine Disasters

Marine Safety

Marine Environmental Protection

Marine Resource Protection/Enforcement


Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard (MCPOCG): (Previous); (Current)

Medals & Awards


Migrant Interdiction


Movies (Featuring the Coast Guard)

Munro, Douglas


Muster Rolls

Narcotic Interdiction

National Security

Native American History

Normandy, France (Operations Neptune & Overlord, 1944)


Official Publications

Oil Spills (Historically significant)

Oral Histories

Organization: Organizational History

Painting Regulations (Aircraft, Cutters, Stations, etc.)

Pearl Harbor (7 December 1941)

Personnel Records (official service records)

Photographs (or donate photos)

Pigeons (Project Sea Hunt)

Plans (Blueprints, drawings, etc.)

Port Security

Prohibition (1920-1933)


Quasi-War with France (1798-1800)

Racing Stripe

Ranks & Ratings

Regulations (Historically important official publications, COMDTINSTs, etc.)



Retired Flag Officers

Revenue Cutter Service

Seals (including emblems, flags, logos, pennants, service seals & streamers)

Search and Rescue

Service Records (Personnel Records, Medical Records)


Sources for Coast Guard History

Spanish-American War

Teachers & Teaching Aids (lesson plans, coloring books, etc.)

Traditions (Coast Guard & predecessor services)


Vietnam War

U.S. Coast Guard Historian's Office & History Program

U.S. Coast Guard History

U.S. Life-Saving Service History

U.S. Lighthouse Service History

U.S. Steamboat Inspection Service History

U.S. Revenue Marine & Revenue Cutter Service History

Vice Commandants (VCG): (Previous); (VCG - Current)

Warrant Officers


War of 1812

What's New on the Coast Guard Historian's Office Website?

World War I

World War II

Women's History (female lighthouse keepers, women in the U.S. Coast Guard, etc.)

Additional Resources:

Coast Guard Artifacts

Coast Guard Archival Collection

Coast Guard Historian's Office

Coast Guard History Near You (artifacts, museums, etc. listed by location.)

Coast Guard Museum

Sources of Coast Guard History

Do you wish to donate something to the Coast Guard History Program?  Information on the U.S. Coast Guard's Archival & Artifact Collections.

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