U.S. Coast Guard Uniforms

U.S. Coast Guard Uniforms & Insignia

A photo of a Coast Guard crew, circa 1929.

Coast Guard Patrol Force for the Albany, NY, Regatta, 1929.  The CG-161, commanded by Boatswain Herbert Mathews, was detailed from Section Base Two.  ENS J. H. Reeder was designated as officer in charge of the patrol force.  Left to right, standing: Boatswain (T) Herbert Mathews; BM2 W. F. Robinson; MoMM1 C. G. Mitchell; BM1 C. Bonde; MoMM1 G. Hansen; SEA1 J. Gordon; BM1 V. Thompson; ENS J.H. Reeder.  Framed by the cork ring is MoMM1 W. Kelly; on his left is MoMM1 N. Ward & MoMM1 W. Belser.  The CPO in the center is CBM Mate Le Walsh.

Historic Uniform Regulations & Other Publications:

Uniforms of the United States Coast Guard: A History, by Donald Canney, published by the U.S. Coast Guard Historian's Office, 1990.

U.S. Coast Guard Enlisted Ratings; a Department of Veterans Affairs Publication, (includes abbreviations).

1915-2011: U.S. Coast Guard Enlisted Ratings, Rating Specialty Marks & Distinguishing Marks, Warrant Officer & Chief Warrant Officer Specialty Devices, 2011, a detailed, illustrated guide written by CWO Dana Lewis, USCG (Ret.).

U.S. Navy & Coast Guard Enlisted Ratings, Insignia & Specialty Marks, by John A. Stacey, published circa 1985.

1916: Regulations Governing the Uniforms for Warrant Officers and Enlisted Persons of the United States Coast Guard, 1916.

1918: Uniforms & Insignia of the U.S. Coast Guard, an illustrated article written by Colonel Dion Williams, USMC and published in 1918.

1920: General Orders 43 (1920), 77 (1921) and 90 (1921) establishing the ratings for enlisted personnel and the warrant officer grade of the Coast Guard.

1930: Regulations Governing the Uniforms For Commissioned and Warrant Officers And Enlisted Men of the United States Coast Guard, 1930 (Washington, DC: GPO, 1930); includes amendments & changes up to February, 1941.

1930: Illustrated & descriptive transcription of the 1930 Uniform Regulations manual by CWO Dana Lewis, USCG (Ret.).

1943: U.S. Navy Women's Reserve Uniform Regulations, 1943 (applicable to USCGR (W)/SPARS.

1944: Personnel Bulletin 76-44: Enlisted Ratings Guide: Abbreviations, Precedence and Qualifications, 16 May 1944.

1957: Reserve Enlisted Uniform Guide (illustrated pamphlet, SPARs included, circa 1957).

1972: U.S. Navy Uniform Regulations, 1969, As Amended for Coast Guard Use, U.S. Coast Guard Amendment No. 3, 5 May 1972.

1973: Enlisted Uniform Guide (SPARS); including description of a "Enlisted SPAR in Service Dress Blue Uniform" & copy of February, 1973 SPAR Newsletter with uniform "hints" for women; 1973.

1974: Uniform Regulations for new Coast Guard Blue Uniform [Bender Blues]; COMDINST 1020.3; 7 January 1974.

1980: Coast Guard Uniform Regulations, COMDINST M1020.6 (old CG-471); G-P-1/TP42; 17 January 1980.

1991: Coast Guard Uniform Regulations, COMDINST M1020.6C; G-PXM; 22 February 1991.

2006: "Uniforms: Special Issue", U.S. Coast Guard Reservist Magazine Uniform Issue (2006), an illustrated "quick reference for Coast Guard uniform standards; includes an article entitled: "A Brief History of Coast Guard Uniforms: From Blue to Blue and Every Variation in Between."

2009: Uniform Regulations; COMDTINST M1020.6F (February 2009)

Historic Photograph Galleries:

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