U.S. Coast Guard Uniforms
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U.S. Coast Guard Uniforms & Insignia

A photo of a Coast Guard crew, circa 1929.

Coast Guard Patrol Force for the Albany, NY, Regatta, 1929.  The CG-161, commanded by Boatswain Herbert Mathews, was detailed from Section Base Two.  ENS J. H. Reeder was designated as officer in charge of the patrol force.  Left to right, standing: Boatswain (T) Herbert Mathews; BM2 W. F. Robinson; MoMM1 C. G. Mitchell; BM1 C. Bonde; MoMM1 G. Hansen; SEA1 J. Gordon; BM1 V. Thompson; ENS J.H. Reeder.  Framed by the cork ring is MoMM1 W. Kelly; on his left is MoMM1 N. Ward & MoMM1 W. Belser.  The CPO in the center is CBM Mate Le Walsh.

Historic Uniform Regulation Manuals & Publications:

1916: Regulations Governing the Uniforms for Warrant Officers and Enlisted Persons of the United States Coast Guard, 1916.

1918: Uniforms & Insignia of the U.S. Coast Guard, an illustrated article written by Colonel Dion Williams, USMC and published in 1918.

1920: General Orders 43 (1920), 77 (1921) and 90 (1921) establishing the ratings for enlisted personnel and the warrant officer grade of the Coast Guard.

1930: Regulations Governing the Uniforms For Commissioned and Warrant Officers And Enlisted Men of the United States Coast Guard, 1930 (Washington, DC: GPO, 1930); includes amendments & changes up to February, 1941.

1930: Illustrated & descriptive transcription of the 1930 Uniform Regulations manual by CWO Dana Lewis, USCG (Ret.).

1941: United States Navy Uniform Regulations [with illustrative plates] (Washington: United States Government Printing Office, 1941); includes 10 November 1941 memo from RADM R. R. Waesche authorizing its use for the U.S. Coast Guard (superseding 1930 Coast Guard Uniform Regulations) and 10 November 1941 publication "Changes to Uniform Regulations, United States Navy, 1941 for Coast Guard: Change No. 1."

1943: U.S. Navy Women's Reserve Uniform Regulations, 1943 (applicable to USCGR (W)/SPARS.

1944: Personnel Bulletin 76-44: Enlisted Ratings Guide: Abbreviations, Precedence and Qualifications, 16 May 1944.

1951: U.S. Navy Uniform Regulations, 1951, NAVPERS 15665; with Coast Guard Amendments.

1957: Reserve Enlisted Uniform Guide (illustrated pamphlet, SPARs included, circa 1957).

1972: U.S. Navy Uniform Regulations, 1969, As Amended for Coast Guard Use, U.S. Coast Guard Amendment No. 3, 5 May 1972.

1973: Enlisted Uniform Guide (SPARS); including description of a "Enlisted SPAR in Service Dress Blue Uniform" & copy of February, 1973 SPAR Newsletter with uniform "hints" for women; 1973.

1974: Uniform Regulations for new Coast Guard Blue Uniform [Bender Blues]; COMDINST 1020.3; 7 January 1974.

1980: Coast Guard Uniform Regulations, COMDINST M1020.6 (old CG-471); G-P-1/TP42; 17 January 1980.

1991: Coast Guard Uniform Regulations, COMDINST M1020.6C; G-PXM; 22 February 1991.

2006: "Uniforms: Special Issue", U.S. Coast Guard Reservist Magazine Uniform Issue (2006), an illustrated "quick reference for Coast Guard uniform standards; includes an article entitled: "A Brief History of Coast Guard Uniforms: From Blue to Blue and Every Variation in Between."

2009: Uniform Regulations; COMDTINST M1020.6F (February 2009)

General Publications:

U.S. Coast Guard Enlisted Ratings; a Department of Veterans Affairs Publication, (includes abbreviations).

1915-2011: U.S. Coast Guard Enlisted Ratings, Rating Specialty Marks & Distinguishing Marks, Warrant Officer & Chief Warrant Officer Specialty Devices, 2011, a detailed, illustrated guide written by CWO Dana Lewis, USCG (Ret.).

Uniforms of the United States Coast Guard: A History, by Donald Canney, published by the U.S. Coast Guard Historian's Office, 1990.

U.S. Navy & Coast Guard Enlisted Ratings, Insignia & Specialty Marks, by John A. Stacey, published circa 1985.

Historic Photograph Galleries:

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