Historic Coast Guard Air Stations
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Coast Guard Air Stations

Coast Guard personnel at Air Station Morehead City

In March 1920 the Coast Guard's first air station was established at Morehead City, North Carolina, when the service took over the abandoned naval air station and borrowed four Curtiss HS-2L flying-boats and two Aeromarine Model 40s from the U.S. Navy.  However, funds were not provided to support the operation and the station was closed.  During 1925 LCDR C. G. von Paulsen, USCG borrowed a Vought UO-1 seaplane from the US Navy and, operating from Squantum, Massachusetts and later Ten Pound Island in Gloucester Harbor, he demonstrated the potential of aviation in combating the smuggling of whiskey.

With an appropriation of money by Congress for the purchase of five aircraft-three Loening OL-5 amphibians and two Chance Vought UO-4's--the first to be owned by the service, these were flown from air stations established at Ten Pound Island, Gloucester, Massachusetts, and Cape May, New Jersey.  From that point Coast Guard aviation continued to grow and stations were established around the country. *


Air Stations:

AIRSTA Annette

AIRSTA Arlington

AIRSTA Astoria

AIRSTA Atlantic City

AIRSTA Barbers Point


AIRSTA Borinquen

AIRSTA Brooklyn



AIRSTA Charleston

AIRSTA Chicago

AIRSTA Clearwater

AIRSTA Corpus Christi

AIRSTA Detroit

AIRSTA Elizabeth City

AIRSTA Houston

AIRSTA Humboldt Bay


AIRSTA Los Angeles



AIRSTA New Orleans

AIRSTA North Bend

AIRSTA Port Angeles

AIRSTA Sacramento

AIRSTA St Augustine

AIRSTA St Petersburg


AIRSTA San Diego

AIRSTA San Francisco

AIRSTA Sangley Point, RP (The Republic of the Philippines)

AIRSTA Savannah


AIRSTA Traverse City

Air Station Gloucester, circa 1930

Other Coast Guard aviation units:

Air Detachment Argentia, Newfoundland

Air Detachment Bermuda

Air Detachment Buffalo, NY

Air Detachment Cleveland, OH

Air Patrol Detachment El Paso, TX

Air Detachment Guam

Air Detachment Kaneohe, Hawaii

Air Detachment Naples, Italy

Air Facility Charleston, SC

Air Facility Glenview, IL

Air Facility Long Island, NY (Gabreski Field)

Air Facility Norfolk, Norfolk Naval Air Station, VA

Aviation Station Morehead City, NC

Aviation Station Ten Pound Island, MA 

Aviation Training Center Mobile, AL

Aircraft Repair and Supply Center Elizabeth City, NC

Aviation Technical Training Center, Elizabeth City, NC

Aircraft Program Office, Grand Prairie, TX

Aircraft Program Office, Little Rock, AR

Aircraft Program Office, Marietta, GA

FOL (Forward Operating Location) Barrow, Alaska

FOL Cold Bay, Alaska

FOL Cordova, Alaska

FOL Kotzebue, Alaska

Helicopter Interdiction Squadron (HITRON), Jacksonville, FL

SAR Detachment Adak

SAR Detachment Midway

SAR Detachment Sangley Point

SAR Detachment Wake

*Arthur Pearcy, A History of Coast Guard Aviation, (Annapolis: Naval Institute Press, 1989), p. 85.

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