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George P. Ingraham


A photo of MCPO George Ingraham, USCG (Ret)

Master Chief Petty Officer George P. Ingraham served as the third Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard Reserve Force from September 4, 1998 until December 4, 2003.

In September of 1998, TCCM George P. Ingraham became the third Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard Reserve Force.

MCPO INGRAHAM enlisted in the U. S. Coast Guard on June 26, 1962.  He served aboard the USCGC Gresham and shore units.  His tour in the Coast Guard Reserve included serving at Coast Guard Station San Francisco, COMMCEN SFRAN, CG Intelligence Unit SFRAN, Harbor Defense Command 111, Naval Coastal Warfare Group One and deploying to Saudi Arabia with Port Security Unit 303A during Desert Storm. Prior to his selection as MCPO-CGRF, he served as Command Enlisted Advisor of the Eleventh Coast Guard District, Alameda, California

MCPO INGRAHAM concentrated on the following areas as MCPO-CGRF: Enhancing the professional development and recognition of the Reserve Force, improving the quality of life initiatives for Reservists, improving Reserve Military readiness after 9/11, and enhancing the prestige and visibility of the Reserve Command Master Chief (RCMC) Program. Some of the results were establishment of a Reserve Ombudsman program, full commissary privileges, the PSU Insignia, MCPO billets for all Reserve ratings, Sea time credit for Reservists, full time PS Rating Manager position, Commendation Medal for Reserve OJO, TRICARE prime after 30 days ADT orders, Reserve/Training Coin, Reserve Supplemental list, active YN1 billet at all PSUs, Reserve CMCs equal partners with active CMCs, USAA college scholarship established, merge DP and TC rating, Reserve MST rating established, Reserve CDA program developed, revised Reserve CPO Academy for E-7s, and permanent Reserve teaching billets at the CPO Academy, and helped manage the largest Reserve recall since WWII.

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