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Retired U. S. Coast Guard Flag Officers

The following is a list of retired Coast Guard flag officers with links to their official biographies (if available).

Coast Guard Admiral Thomas H. Collins (left) relieves Coast Guard Admiral James M. Loy (right)

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Flag officers are listed alphabetically by last name.  Scroll through the list below and click on the officer's name to access her/his official biography or click on the letters listed above to move through the list more quickly.  The officer's rank at retirement and date of retirement are in parentheses.


Acklin, Ernest B. (Rear Admiral, 1991)

Acton, John C. (Rear Admiral, 2009)

Ahern, James L. (Rear Admiral, 1943)

Alger, James A. (Rear Admiral, 1943)

Allen, Edward C., Jr. (Rear Admiral, 1971)

Allen, Thad W. (Admiral, 2010)

Ames, Fred L. (Rear Admiral, 2002)

Appelbaum, Richard A. (Rear Admiral, 1996)

Atkin, Thomas F. (Rear Admiral, 2012)


Barneson, Harold J., Jr. (Rear Admiral, 1979)

Barrett, Thomas J. (Vice Admiral, 2004)

Barrett, Edward J. (Rear Admiral, 1999)

Barrow, Winfred W. (Rear Admiral, 1978)

Bauman, Richard A. (Rear Admiral, 1985)

Baumgartner, William D. (Rear Admiral, 2013)

Baylis, John S. (Commodore, 1946)

Bell, Henry H. (Rear Admiral, 1987)

Belz, David S. (Rear Admiral, 2004)

Bender, Chester R. (Admiral, 1974)

Benkert, William M. (Rear Admiral, 1978)

Bennett, Louis L. (Rear Admiral, 1948)

Bennis, Richard E. (Rear Admiral, 2002)

Beran, Arnold B. (Vice Admiral, 1992)

Berdine, Harold S. (Rear Admiral, 1966)

Bertholf, Ellsworth P. (Commodore, 1919)

Billard, Frederick C. (Rear Admiral, 1932)

Blayney, Paul M. (Rear Admiral, 2000)

Blore, Gary T. (Rear Admiral, 2011)

Bone, Craig E. (Rear Admiral, 2008)

Bradbury, Harold G. (Rear Admiral, 1953)

Brallier, Bert H. (Rear Admiral, 1959)

Branham, Steve (Rear Admiral, 2010)

Breckenridge, Jody A. (Vice Admiral, 2010)

Breed, Alan D. (Rear Admiral, 1989)

Brice-O'Hara, Sally (Vice Admiral, 2012)

Brooks, Arthur E. (Rear Admiral, 2010)

Brown, Erroll M. (Rear Admiral, 2005)

Brown, Manson K. (Vice Admiral, 2014)

Bullard, Ross P. (Rear Admiral, 1975)

Burhoe, John S. (Rear Admiral, 2011)

Bursley, G. H. Patrick (Rear Admiral, 1978)

Busick, Paul E. (Rear Admiral, 1998)


Cairnes, George W. (Rear Admiral, 1946)

Caldwell, Wayne E. (Vice Admiral, 1984)

Card, James C. (Vice Admiral, 2000)

Carmichael, James S. (Rear Admiral, 2004)

Carpenter, Albert J. (Rear Admiral, 1968)

Castillo, Joseph R. (Rear Admiral, 2013)

Casto, Roy J. (Rear Admiral, 2003)

Chalker, Lloyd T. (Vice Admiral, 1946)

Childress, William W. (Rear Admiral, 1968)

Chiswell, Benjamin (Rear Admiral, 1942)

Ciancaglini, David E. (Rear Admiral, 1996)

Clark, Malcomb E. (Rear Admiral, 1982)

Coffin, Eugene A. (Rear Admiral, 1950)

Collins, Thomas H. (Admiral, 2006)

Colmar, Peter V. (Rear Admiral, 1963)

Colvin, Christopher C. (Rear Admiral, 2012)

Coogan, Cynthia A. (Rear Admiral, 2011)

Cornell, John H. (Rear Admiral, 1946)

Costello, John D. (Vice Admiral, 1959)

Cowart, Kenneth K. (Vice Admiral, 1959)

Covell, Leon C. (Vice Admiral, 1942)

Craik, James D. (Rear Admiral, 1967)

Crea, Vivien S. (Vice Admiral, 2009)

Crisp, Richard O. (Rear Admiral, 1925)

Cross, Terry M. (Vice Admiral, 2006)

Crowley, John E. (Rear Admiral, 2008)

Cueroni, Richard P. (Rear Admiral, 1989)

Currier, John P. (Vice Admiral, 2014)


Daniel, Martin H. (Vice Admiral, 1992)

Daniell, Martin H., Jr. (Vice Admiral, 1994)

Daniels, Edwin H. (Rear Admiral, 1986)

Daniels, Milton R. (Commodore, 1951)

Danielsen, Arnold M. (Rear Admiral, 1988)

Day, Robert E. Jr (Rear Admiral, 2014)

Day, Steven (Rear Admiral, 2013)

Dean, Charles W. (Rear Admiral, 1953)

Dempwolf, Ralph W. (Rear Admiral, 1945)

de Otte, Detlef Frederick Argentine (Rear Admiral, 1931)

Derby, Wilfred N. (Vice Admiral, 1950)

DeWolf, Clifford F. (Rear Admiral, 1983)

Diehl, Herman T. (Rear Admiral, 1954)

Doebler, Harold J. (Rear Admiral, 1954)

Donnell, William C. (Rear Admiral, 1997)

Donohue, Robert (Rear Admiral, 1946)

Duin, Robert A. (Rear Admiral, 1980)

Duncan, Robert F. (Rear Admiral, 2006)

Durfey, Robert W. (Rear Admiral, 1979)


Eaton, Phillip B. (Rear Admiral, 1946)

Ecker, William J. (Rear Admiral, 1996)

Eldridge, Kevin J. (Rear Admiral, 2006)

Ellis, William B. (Rear Admiral, 1971)

Engel, Arthur B. (Rear Admiral, 1970)

Engel, Benjamin F. (Vice Admiral, 1974)

Eskridge, Ira A. (Rear Admiral, 1961)

Evans, Stephen H. (Rear Admiral, 1962)


Fabik, Theodore J. (Rear Admiral, 1967)

Faigle, John N. (Rear Admiral, 1994)

Farley, Joseph F. (Admiral, 1949)

Farwell, Lorenzo C. (Rear Admiral, 1944)

Feidler, Ernest R. (Rear Admiral, 1970)

Finlay, Gordon T. (Vice Admiral, 1948)

Fisher, Henry G. (Rear Admiral, 1940)

Ford, Alexander L. (Rear Admiral, 1951)

Fredericks, Douglas W. (Rear Admiral, 1992)

French, Reginald H. (Rear Admiral, 1957)

Fugaro, Anthony F. (Rear Admiral, 1981)


Gabel, Dale G. (Rear Admiral, 2009)

Garrett, Jeffrey M. (Rear Admiral, 2005)

Gehring, Howard B. (Rear Admiral, 1997)

Gilbert, Marshall E. (Rear Admiral, 1993)

Gilmour, Thomas H. (Rear Admiral, 2005)

Glenn, David T. (Rear Admiral, 2011)

Goehring, Robert W. (Rear Admiral, 1973)

Golove, Fred S. (Rear Admiral, 1992)

Gorman, Frank J. (Rear Admiral, 1946)

Gracey, James S. (Admiral, 1986)

Greenspun, Joseph (Rear Admiral, 1956)


Hall, Arthur G. (Rear Admiral, 1954)

Hall, Norman B. (Rear Admiral, 1947)

Hamlet, Harry G. (Vice Admiral, 1938)

Hammond, Robert E. (Rear Admiral, 1972)

Hanks, Charles J. (Rear Admiral, 1981)

Harding, Chester L. (Rear Admiral, 1965)

Harrison, Kenneth S. (Rear Admiral, 1961)

Harwood, Charles W. (Rear Admiral, 1954)

Hathaway, Jeffrey J. (Rear Admiral, 2007)

Hayes, John B. (Admiral, 1982)

Heckman, Albert A. (Rear Admiral, 1974)

Heimer, Roger C. (Rear Admiral, 1946)

Helmer, Frank V. (Rear Admiral, 1970)

Henderson, Douglas B. (Rear Admiral, 1969)

Henn, Arthur E. (Vice Admiral, 1996)

Hereth, Larry L. (Rear Admiral, 2007)

Herr, Richard D. (Vice Admiral, 1998)

Hewitt, Ronald T. (Rear Admiral, 2012)

Hirshfield, James A. (Vice Admiral, 1962)

Hollingsworth, Bobby F. (Rear Admiral, 1987)

Hottel, James F. (Rear Admiral, 1947)

Houck, Richard R. (Rear Admiral, 2007)

Howell, Charles F. (Rear Admiral, 1940)

Hull, James D. (Vice Admiral, 2004)

Hunt, James S. (Rear Admiral, 1959)


Imlay, Miles H. (Rear Admiral, 1956)

Irwin, James C. (Vice Admiral, 1988)


Jacobs, William V. E. (Commodore, 1926)

Jenkins, William A. (Rear Admiral, 1977)

Johansen, Julian E. (Rear Admiral, 1978)

Johanson, Robert L. (Rear Admiral, 1987)

Johnson, Harvey E., Jr. (Vice Admiral, 2006)

Johnson, Harvey F. (Rear Admiral, 1946)

Jones, Aubey H. (Rear Admiral, 1988)

Jones, Chester H. (Rear Admiral, 1946)

Jones, Edward D. (Vice Admiral, 1946)

Jordan, Beckwith (Commodore, 1955)

Josiah, Timothy W. (Vice Admiral, 2002)

Justice, Wayne E. (Rear Admiral, 2010)


Keester, William J. (Rear Admiral, 1949)

Kelly, Richard R. (Rear Admiral, 2009)

Kenner, Frank T (Rear Admiral, 1961)

Kenner, William W. (Rear Admiral, 1960)

Kenney, Frederick (Rear Admiral, 2014)

Kerrins, Joseph A. (Rear Admiral, 1961)

Kime, J. William Kime, (Admiral, 1994)

Kinghorn, James A., Jr. (Rear Admiral, 2003)

Knapp, Christopher C. (Rear Admiral, 1966)

Knapp, Richard J. (Rear Admiral, 1984)

Knudsen, George A. (Rear Admiral, 1965)

Kozlovsky, William P. (Rear Admiral, 1990)

Kramek, Robert E. (Admiral, 1998)

Kunkel, David W. (Rear Admiral, 2008)


Landry, Mary E. (Rear Admiral, 2011)

Larkin, Charles E., Jr., (Vice Admiral, 1984)

Larrabee, Richard M., III (Rear Admiral, 2000)

Lauth, David (Rear Admiral, 1980)

Leahy, William P. (Rear Admiral, 1995)

Leamy, Frank A. (Rear Admiral, 1960)

Leland, Walter T. (Rear Admiral, 1994)

Leslie, Norman H. (Rear Admiral, 1953)

Linnon, John L. (Rear Admiral, 1997)

Lipscomb, James H., III (Rear Admiral, 1988)

Lively, Olin A. (Rear Admiral, 1990)

Lloyd, Daniel B. (Rear Admiral, 2011)

Lockwood, John W. (Rear Admiral, 1997)

Loy, James M. (Admiral, 2002)

Lucas, Robert S. (Rear Admiral, 1986)

Lusk, Clyde T. (Vice Admiral, 1990)


Maley, Kenneith P. (Rear Admiral, 1958)

Manning, Alfred P. (Rear Admiral)

Matteson, Thomas T. (Rear Admiral, 1993)

Mauerman, Raymond J. (Vice Admiral, 1957)

May, Daniel R. (Rear Admiral, 2013)

McCabe, George E. (Rear Admiral, 1954)

McClelland, Joseph J. (Vice Admiral, 1976)

McClelland, Joseph J., Jr. (Rear Admiral, 2001)

McCubbin, John D. (Rear Admiral, 1973)

McElligott, Raymond T. (Rear Admiral, 1956)

McGowan, John F. (Rear Admiral, Lower Half, 1999)

McKay, Donald E. (Rear Admiral, 1957)

Merlin, William F. (Rear Admiral, 1990)

Merrilees, George R. (Rear Admiral, 1998)

Miller, George H. (Rear Admiral, 1964)

Molloy, Thomas M. (Rear Admiral, 1945)

Moore, Carlton D. (Rear Admiral, 2006)

Moore, Harold C. (Vice Admiral, 1959)

Moreau, James W. (Rear Admiral, 1978)

Morrison, Donald M. (Vice Admiral, 1964)

Morrison, William L. (Rear Admiral, 1975)

Munter, William H. (Rear Admiral, 1944)

Murphy, Daniel J. (Rear Admiral, 1990)


Naccara, George N. (Rear Admiral, 2003)

Nash, Roy A. (Rear Admiral, 2013)

Neffenger, Peter V. (Vice Admiral, 2015)

Nelson, Edward, Jr. (Rear Admiral, 1989)

Nelson, Robert T. (Vice Admiral, 1994)

Neptun, Daniel A. (Rear Admiral, 2014)

Nichols, Fred A. (Rear Admiral, 1946)

Nicholson, David R. (Rear Admiral, Lower Half, 2001)

Nimmich, Joseph L. (Rear Admiral, 2010)

North, Robert C. (Rear Admiral, 2001)


O'Donnell, Mary P. (Rear Admiral, 2004)

Olsen, Carl B. (Rear Admiral, 1963)

Olsen, Louis B. (Rear Admiral, 1956)

Olsen, Robert C. (Rear Admiral, 2005)

Olsen, Severt A. (Rear Admiral, 1956)

Olson, James C. (Rear Admiral, 2005)

O'Neill, Merlin (Vice Admiral, 1954)

Oren, John B. (Rear Admiral, 1968)

Ostebo, Thomas P. (Rear Admiral, 2015)


Palmer, James A. (Rear Admiral, 1975)

Papp, Robert J., Jr. (Admiral, 2014)

Park, Charles A. (Rear Admiral, 1946)

Parks, Michael N. (Rear Admiral, 2013)

Parker, Harold W., Jr. (Rear Admiral, 1986)

Parker, John L. (Rear Admiral, 2001)

Parker, Robert C. (Vice Admiral, 2014)

Parker, Stanley V. (Vice Admiral, 1947)

Passmore, George D. (Rear Admiral, 1992)

Pearson, Clifford I. (Vice Admiral, 2009)

Pearson, Helmer S. (Rear Admiral, 1974)

Pekoske, David P. (Vice Admiral, 2010)

Penington, Gregory A. (Rear Admiral, 1995)

Perkins, Henry C. (Rear Admiral, 1960)

Perkins, Louis W. (Rear Admiral, 1956)

Perry, Ellis L. (Vice Admiral, 1978)

Peschel, Rudy K. (Rear Admiral, 1996)

Peterman, David B. (Vice Admiral, 2008)

Peterson, Clarence H. (Rear Admiral, 1963)

Piche, Gordon G. (Rear Admiral, 1998)

Pine, James (Vice Admiral, 1947)

Pluta, Paul J. (Rear Admiral, 2003)

Polant, Ronald M. (Rear Admiral, 1992)

Price, Robert I. (Vice Admiral, 1981)

Prins, Paul E. G. (Rear Admiral, 1973)




Rábago, Ronald J. (Rear Admiral, 2014)

Raney, Roy L. (Rear Admiral, 1956)

Ratti, Richardo A. (Rear Admiral, 1976)

Ratti, Steven H. (Rear Admiral, 2014)

Rea, William F., III (Vice Admiral, 1978)

Reed, Byron L. (Commodore, 1925)

Reed-Hill, Ellis (Rear Admiral, 1950)

Reinberg, Leroy (Rear Admiral, 1946)

Reynolds, William F. (Rear Admiral, 1924)

Richmond, Alfred C. (Admiral, 1962)

Richmond, Chester A., Jr. (Rear Admiral, 1977)

Ridgely, Randolph, Jr. (Rear Admiral, 1935)

Riker, J. Timothy (Rear Admiral, 2010)

Riutta, Ernest R. (Vice Admiral, 2002)

Roach, Phillip F. (Commodore, 1945)

Robbins, Clyde E. (Vice Admiral, 1990)

Rochon, Stephen W. (Rear Admiral, 2007)

Roemer, Charles G. (Rear Admiral, 1949)

Rohnke, Oscar C. (Rear Admiral, 1967)

Roland, Edwin J. (Admiral, 1966)

Rosa, Fred M. (Rear Admiral, 2009)

Rose, Earl G. (Rear Admiral, 1949)

Ross, Richard M. (Rear Admiral, 1964)

Rots, Peter J. (Rear Admiral, Lower Half, 1988)

Rufe, Roger T., Jr. (Vice Admiral, 1999)

Ryan, Michael J. (Rear Admiral, 1946)

Rybacki, Richard I. (Rear Admiral, 1991)

Ryssy, John W. (Rear Admiral, 1960)


Salerno, Brian M. (Vice Admiral, 2012)

Sargent, Thomas R., III (Vice Admiral, 1974)

Saunders, Norman T. (Rear Admiral, 1999)

Scammell, William K. (Vice Admiral, 1949)

Scarborough, Robert H. (Vice Admiral, 1982)

Scheiderer, Edward D. (Rear Admiral, 1975)

Schmidtman, Richard D. (Rear Admiral, 1967)

Schneider, Richard W. (Rear Admiral, 2006)

Schubert, Frederick P. (Rear Admiral, 1985)

Schwob, William S. Jr. (Rear Admiral, 1980)

Scullion, Joseph R. (Rear Admiral, 1970)

Seward, Michael R. (Rear Admiral, 2010)

Sexton, Floyd J. (Rear Admiral, 1949)

Shanley, Thomas A. (Vice Admiral, 1947)

Shea, William H. (Rear Admiral, 1941)

Shepheard, Halert C. (Rear Admiral, 1956)

Shields, William D. (Vice Admiral, 1966)

Shkor, John E. (Vice Admiral, 2001)

Siemens, Abe H. (Rear Admiral, 1977)

Siler, Owen W. (Admiral, 1978)

Silva, Ronald F. (Rear Admiral, 2004)

Sipes, Joel D. (Rear Admiral, 1993)

Sirois, Robert D. (Rear Admiral, 2006)

Sloncen, Robert E. (Rear Admiral, 1999)

Smeder, Orvan R. (Rear Admiral, 1973)

Smith, Duncan C., III (Rear Admiral, 2007)

Smith, Edward H. (Rear Admiral, 1950)

Smith, Willard J. (Admiral, 1970)

Sobel, Arnold I. (Rear Admiral, 1974)

Sparks, Bennett S. (Rear Admiral, 1998)

Spencer, Lyndon (Vice Admiral, 1946)

Sprow, Ned W. (Rear Admiral, 1966)

Stabile, Benedict L. (Vice Admiral, 1986)

Steele, Chester I. (Rear Admiral, 1967)

Steele, Joseph R. (Rear Admiral, 1976)

Steinmetz, John L. (Rear Admiral, 1959)

Stephens, Irvin J. (Rear Admiral, 1966)

Stewart, James P. (Vice Admiral, 1982)

Stewart, William H. (Rear Admiral, 1985)

Stika, J. E. (Vice Admiral, 1951)

Stillman, Patrick M. (Rear Admiral, 2006)

Stoffle, Merton W. (Rear Admiral, 1972)

Stromberg, William T. (Rear Admiral, 1942)

Sullivan, Timothy S. (Rear Admiral, 2011)

Synon, George D. (Rear Admiral, 1967)


Taylor, Keith A. (Rear Admiral, 2013)

Teeson, Douglas H. (Rear Admiral, 2001)

Telsey, Leon G. (Rear Admiral, 1968)

Thayer, Louis M., Jr. (Rear Admiral, 1967)

Thiele, Edward H. (Rear Admiral, 1961)

Thomas, Charles W. (Rear Admiral, 1957) (Portrait); (Additional Photography)

Thompson, Bernie E. (Rear Admiral, 1983)

Thompson, Donald C. (Vice Admiral, 1988)

Thompson, Glenn O. (Rear Admiral, 1978)

Thompson, John F., Jr. (Rear Admiral, 1975)

Thorsen, Howard B. (Vice Admiral, 1991)

Tighe, Charles (Rear Admiral, 1970)

Towle, William F. (Rear Admiral, 1946)

Tozzi, John T. (Rear Admiral, 1999)

Trimble, Paul E. (Vice Admiral, 1970)


Uberroth, Preston H. (Commodore, 1933)

Underwood, James W. (Rear Admiral, 2005)

Utley, Ralph D. (Rear Admiral, 2004)


Van Sice, James C. (Rear Admiral, 2007)

Vaughn, Sidney G., Jr. (Rear Admiral, 1984)

Venuto, Kenneth T. (Rear Admiral, 2006)

Venzke, Norman C. (Rear Admiral, 1985)

Versaw, Paul E. (Rear Admiral, 1997)

Vorbach, Joseph E. (Rear Admiral, 1993)


Waesche, Russell R. (Admiral, 1946)

Waesche, Russell R., Jr. (Rear Admiral, 1971)

Wagner, Austin C. (Vice Admiral, 1978)

Wallace, Sidney A. (Rear Admiral, 1979)

Watson, James A., IV (Rear Admiral, 2012)

Webster, Edward M. (Commodore, 1946)

Welch, John S. (Rear Admiral, 2014)

Welling, Paul A. (Vice Admiral, 1994)

West, Horace B. (Rear Admiral, 1922)

Wetmore, Thomas T. (Rear Admiral, 1981)

Whalen, Mark A. (Vice Admiral, 1974)

Wheeler, William J. (Rear Admiral, 1939)

Whitbeck, John E. (Commodore, 1951)

Whitehead, Joel R. (Rear Admiral, 2009)

Williams, James W. (Rear Admiral, 1974)

Williams, Kent H. (Vice Admiral, 1997)

Wiman, Kenneth G. (Rear Admiral, 1988)

Winbeck, Allen (Rear Admiral, 1964)

Wojnar, Theodore J. (Rear Admiral, 1988)

Wood, Russell E. (Vice Admiral, 1959)

Woolever, Gerald F. (Rear Admiral, 1998)

Wuensch, Henry J. (Rear Admiral, 1964)

Wurster, Charles D. (Vice Admiral, 2008)



Yost, Paul A., Jr. (Admiral, 1990)


Zeusler, F. A. (Rear Admiral, 1946)

Zumstein, Louis L. (Rear Admiral, 1983)

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