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Security Levels

The Coast Guard at War

National Security & Military Preparedness Mission

Training for duty in World War I

General Information, National Security & Defense Operations Policies:

General Overviews:

  • The Coast Guard at War: An illustrated history of the Coast Guard's role in defending the nation since 1790.

National Defense Operations Manuals, Regulations & Other Official Documents

Quasi-War (1798-1800):
WPA painting of the defense of the Revenue Cutter Eagle during the War of 1812

War of 1812 (1812-1815):

Seminole Wars (1817-1818; 1835-1842):

Mexican War (1846-1848):

Civil War Service Ribbon   Civil War (1861-1865):

  • A presentation on the history of the U.S. Revenue Cutter Service & U.S. Lighthouse Service in the Civil War: (PowerPoint) (PDF).
  • "Reminiscenses of the Harriet Lane"; an article by Captain of Engineers F. H. Pulsifer, the Chief Engineer of Harriet Lane regarding his experiences on board one of the Revenue Cutter Service's most famous cutters.  First published in the Journal of the United States Coast Guard Association I, No. 1 (January, February, March, 1917), pp. 28-34.
  • "The USRMCS Harriet Lane": a scholarly history of the cutter written by Robert Anderson and published by the White House Historical Association's White House History periodical (No. 12, Winter, 2003), pp. 39-51.

Revenue Steamer Harriet Lane fires first naval shot of the Civil War

Spanish War Service Ribbon   Spanish-American War (1898):

World War I Victory Ribbon   World War I (1914-1918):

  • "Hunting the Hun with the Coast Guard," an unpublished manuscript written by Coast Guardsman and World War One veteran Able Seaman Hamilton Cochran, USCG, who served on convoy duty out of Gibraltar on board the cutter "USS Algonquin, CG" during the war.

World War II Victory Ribbon   World War II (1939-1945):

Korean Service Medal   Korean Conflict (1950-1953):

Vietnam Service Ribbon   Vietnam Conflict (1964-1975):

A photo of the Half Moon firing her main battery.

  • Captain Gerald Underwood's Vietnam Scrapbook: Captain Gerald Underwood, USCG (Ret.) served as the Commanding Officer of CGC Point Banks and later commanded LORAN Station Con Son and this scrapbook is made up of scanned images from his personal photograph collection of his service in Vietnam as a junior officer.
  • Larry Fuchs, Executive Officer of CGC Point Banks, describes his Vietnam tour on board the WPB assigned to Squadron One, in his article entitled "Squadron One Duty on Board the Point Banks."
  • Larry Villareal's oral history. Villareal, awarded the Silver Star for heroism in combat while a crewman of CGC Point Banks, describes his Coast Guard career, his tour in Vietnam and the action that earned him one of the nation's highest combat awards.

Southwest Asia Theatre Service Ribbon   Post-Vietnam Era (1975-1999):

  • MayagŁez Incident (1975)
  • Grenada: Operation Urgent Fury (1983)
  • Panama: Operation Just Cause (1989)
  • PSC Sandy "Grandma Gunner" Mitten's Oral History: PSC Mitten was a Coast Guard veteran of Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm who served with PSU-303.  She describes her experiences in the Coast Guard Reserve and her time in Saudi Arabia as a patrol boat coxswain.

  • Haiti: Operation Uphold Democracy (1994)

Kosovo Campaign ribbon Kosovo (1999):

Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Service Medal Twenty-First Century and Beyond:

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