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Sloan Wilson (1920-2003)

Sloan Wilson, author of The Man In The Grey Flannel Suit, one of the most influential novels about Madison Avenue advertising and life in "suburbia" during the 1950’s, was born in Norwalk, Connecticut.  A graduate of Harvard University, and an avid sailor and navigator, he joined the Coast Guard in 1942, following Pearl Harbor.  Commissioned a Reserve Ensign, Sloan Wilson first reported aboard the USCGC Tampa on the Greenland Patrol.  Wilson was then given command of the trawler uSCGC Nogak.  His novel Ice Brothers is based on his experiences with the Nogak.

He then took command of the Coast Guard manned Army supply ship, USS FS-158 in the South Pacific. This experience is captured in his first novel, Voyage To Somewhere.  He then commanded the Army tanker USS Y-14.  His experiences were penned into the novel Pacific Interlude.

Following World War II Wilson went to work first as a reporter for the Providence Journal in Rhode Island, and then Time-Life until he became a full time writer.  Besides The Man In The Gray Flannel Suit and novels about his Coast Guard experiences, he wrote A Summer Place, A Sense of Values, Away From It All, All The Best People, Georgie Winthrop, Small Town, What Shall We Wear To The Party and The Greatest Crime.

Sloan Wilson crossed the bar on 25 May 2003.


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